Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specs, Release Date And Cost Rumors

We bet almost each and every single individual is waiting for the official announcement of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release. The company is planning to launch the device in March 2017. The tech giant is not expected to reveal many details and specs.

Still, some ongoing speculations reveal, that there will be significant upgrades for the upcoming 2-in-1 device. The latest leak says that Microsoft gave manufacturing contract for Surface Pro 5 to Pegatron. It also says that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have a 4K display and a stylus that recharges wirelessly. Let us have a look at what else the Surface Pro 5 will offer.

Specs and features of Microsoft Surface Pro 5

One of the best features of the Surface Pro 5 is the Surface Pen. The stylus comes with surface pro tablets. It will be updated so that the rechargeable battery is wireless chargeable when it is magnetically attached to the tablet. The present surface pen is attached magnetically, but it is not rechargeable because it takes the Alkaline AAAA battery.

One more feature of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is, it will have the latest generation Intel processor. Some say that this will be the sixth generation Skylake chip, while others say that it will opt for the following generation which is codenamed as Kaby Lake.

Some are also of the opinion that Microsoft might also use the Qualcomm Snapdragon system chip that will offer a better battery life. But the most likely for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is to use the Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake i7 core processor.


PC Advisor also suggests that the Surface Pro 5 will come in 2k display screens. But for those who are willing to spend certain amount of money, they can also opt for the 4K resolution display variant. It will also come with an upgrade to 16GB RAM. Because the previous models like Surface Pro 4 is already available with 16GB RAM. Another upgrade that the Surface 5 will have is the upgrade to USB port.

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The Surface Pro 5 is the first one in its range to get an update to the USB C port. It will have USB 4.0 port instead of the USB 3.0 port. You can use it for charging. The proprietary charging connector is an annoyance that can be easily solved by the USB C.

Camera and price

Cameras might also have certain upgrades along with the latest version of the Wi-Fi (with MU-MIMO support) and also a Bluetooth. Speaking of the price rumors, we are into a pool of speculations. But experience says that Microsoft will charge a similar price for each version of Pro 5. There are high chances that Microsoft will come up with a similar range of models, starting from an entry level Core i3 to the Core i7 with plenty of RAMs and internal storage.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 starts at a price of £749. Let’s see what the actual price is for Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Last year it was announced that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 starting price will be $899, the Intel Core i7 processor will cost $999, and the i7 extreme version will cost $1599.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Surface program

The Surface pro service program means that the authorized distributors will have the option of providing the Surface devices with a subscription model. It will help the customers in getting the latest devices without the huge cost of upgrades. It started with ALSO, one of the best cloud solution providers in Europe.

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