Microsoft Surface Pro First Look Will Be Unveiled On 23rd May

On May 23rd, Microsoft is hosting a hardware focused launch event. On that event, Microsoft is going to launch the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Initially, the tech giant was pretty clear that it will not launch any more Surface Pro tablets. It looks like the company is breaking its words. From the leaked looks and design, you might think that the new Surface Pro is identical to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 released in 2015. The leaks come from Evan Blass, one of the most reliable sources for Microsoft.

The upgrades in Microsoft Surface Pro

To some extent you are right, the physical looks of new Microsoft Surface Pro is similar to the previous Surface
Pro 4. It is not currently known what will be the version of this Surface Pro tablet. So, presently we are calling it just as the “new” Microsoft Surface Pro. The external looks may not change, but the changes will be on the internal specs. It will come with Intel 7th Gen chipset. You will also have the different coloured pen for the Surface Pro.

The leaks also suggest that Microsoft will not make significant changes in the functional design of the new Surface Pro. The company will keep the functional design and ports unchanged. But it was necessary to bring an internal change in the device. Apart from the Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake processor, the leaks suggest an upgrade in the RAM and internal memory. Microsoft is also planning to bring upgrades to the power connectors, the accessories, docking stations and also the type covers.

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Why does the company need a new Surface Pro?

The primary reason for the company to create an upgraded Microsoft Surface Pro is making a new branding for the company. The tech giant lacks substantial innovation in hardware. Hopefully, this new Surface Pro tablet will offer the company with the branding it needs to compete with Apple Macbook and Android Chromebooks. Though it has got much better hardware than Chromebooks, still, Chromebooks come in handy at a lesser price.

The creator of the Surface brand, Panos Panay said, there is no such thing as the Surface Pro 5. The company will release the latest lineup in four colours. These include Charcoal, Platinum, Burgundy and Teal colours. You will get the similar Surface Pro pens and keyboards as well. The recently launched Surface Laptop comes at a price of $999. Microsoft already organised two events in this year and in the next event the company is focusing on the hardware aspect. It might also speak about the AR/VR headsets, and Cortana powered smart home speakers.

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