Microsoft Teams up with OpenAI – For Transpiring Future into Present

Microsoft has mutually teamed up with OpenAI. It’s a non-profit research firm backed by Tesla’s Elon Musk and Y Combinator’s Sam Altman.

Microsoft turned into a huge tech giant in early 2000. Now Microsoft wants to expand its aura in the upcoming advanced Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, the tech giant has teamed up with Open AI which is the $1 billion project co-founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, US-based startup incubator “Y Combinator” President Sam Altman and others.

Open AI and Microsoft aims to “democratize” artificial intelligence and to make this tech blessing accessible everywhere. As part of a partnership between the Duo, OpenAI will use Microsoft Azure as its primary cloud platform. In lucid words, Azure will be utilized in advance their research. OpenAI will also create new tools and technologies with the use of Azure. All new advanced research tools will be dedicated for services which are possible only with the Cloud.

Why OpenAI chose Microsoft Rather than Other Tech Giants?

The reason for choosing Microsoft as a partner was reflected by a post made by Harry Shum, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Group on Wednesday.

He posted on the website

OpenAI chose Microsoft due to our deep learning research and ongoing commitment to AI, along with Azure’s support for open source technologies and its unique combination of high-performance computing, big data, and intelligence capabilities.

Furthermore, Altman who acts as co-chair of OpenAI said in a recorded interview with Microsoft AI Research Group president Harry Shum.

Microsoft is the giant tech company most aligned with us regarding the goal of democratization to AI technology. This is our most important goal, We are going to create an important technology. That should belong to everyone in the world. We don’t want to see that concentrated in a single government, certainly not in a single company.

More to add, the partnership is a win-win deal for both the aspiring companies.

Why it’s a Winning Deal for OpenAI?

OpenAI has a strong base backed by branded TESLA’s CEO. It also has the brightest brains of the world, who are working under a single roof with a centric motive. They are a bunch of enthusiastic individuals who want to make a breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology. The most impressive thing about these androids is that unlike others, they want to develop AI for the evolution of humankind, rather than for filling up their own pockets. It is a purely non-profit organization. So the partnership with Microsoft will help them achieve their objective more firmly.

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Why it’s an Attractive Deal for Microsoft?

Microsoft does not want to confine the knowledge which it gains on the research of artificial intelligence. That’s why the company has paired with OpenAI to use Azure as research platform of high-level AI.

So, Microsoft has numerous benefits in this partnership which I have explained below-

  • The efficiency of Azure will exponentially increase, which will encourage other AI companies to use Azure.
  • Every company that will use Azure will become a paying customer of the Microsoft cloud services, which has turned into one of its fastest-growing and most lucrative divisions.
  • Microsoft’s ambition to be the strongest player in the future technology will be fulfilled.
  • Microsoft Bot framework will be upgraded by introducing Azure Bot service, a first of its kind in the industry.

Boost for Robot Services

Microsoft announced that it will launch Azure Bot service. This will help developers to accelerate the speed of developing bots with the use of Microsoft bot framework. Therefore, Shum expressed his thoughts on a post where he said,

Running on Azure Functions, these bots can scale on demand and you only pay for the resources your bots consume. Azure Functions, which is available today, can be used to maximize development agility and operational efficiency of nearly any app or service at lower cost

More than 50k developers are already building bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework.

All credit goes to cloud computing power, more advanced algorithms and the availability of massive amounts of data. The AI field has exploded exponentially allowing computer scientists to create technology many of us only dreamed about just a few years ago.

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