Microsoft Treats Linux Lovers This Summer

On, March 30, 16. Microsoft announced that this summer, users would be able to run Linux bash on Windows 10. This announcement made by Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo at Microsoft Build keynote led to a thundering applause. This new functionality will be available in the new Windows 10 update.

This won’t be a Virtual Machine or VM. This won’t be any cross-platform combined tool. This will be a real native functionality to use the Bash in Windows 10.

Ubuntu and Windows

Windows has partnered with Canonical, the company responsible for Ubuntu version of Linux. This means not only they will bring those famous Linux tools to windows platform and also users will be able to run Linux apps without them being written specifically for windows platform.

This move will definitely make the life of developers easier. Right from the choice of Ubuntu for various development purposes to writing software, Users may be able to do all work from windows platform only.

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Microsoft demonstrated yesterday that a developer could use the command line interface Bash to manage a web project from a Windows desktop using the exact same commands they would use on a Linux server.

This is a really positive move from such big commercial organization like Microsoft to promote open source software at this level. We open to see something like Open windows 10 in future!

Linux lovers Rejoice!

Just as Microsoft announced that the “real Bash is coming” the crowd broke into a loud applause. Microsoft has hit the right space with this announcement. A blog post by Microsoft’s Scott Hanselmann revealed further details about it.

If you are a developer and if you use a diverse set of tools, this news should not surprise you. It also shows how open Microsoft is to the concept of open-source development. Overall, this is good news for the developers across the world.

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