Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Will Launch On March 7th

Microsoft announced on 10th February that the company would launch the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 on 7th March. The Visual Studio went public in March 2016, and it hit the Release Candidate Status in November 2016. It was previously known as the Visual Studio 15. The release was scheduled for general availability in early 2017.

The recent announcement clears that Microsoft is right exactly on schedule. On March 7th Microsoft will not only launch the Visual Studio 2017. It will also start the “live streamed two-day launch event” hosted by Visual Studio CVP Julia Liuson. VSTS CVP Brian Harry, VS and.NET PPM Scott Hanselman and VS Mobile Distinguished Engineer Miguel De Icaza will also be present there.

The improvements in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

The developers will arrange for demo sessions that offer details and key improvements to the products. On March 8, the company is planning for a live training session. The Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 will provide enhancements to code navigation, IntelliSense, code fixes, refactoring and debugging. Microsoft also promises a new lightweight and modular installation, a new way to view, edit and debug any code and a faster IDE from startup to shut down. The March event will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. In February 1997, the first version of Visual Studio was released.

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To enhance the excitement, Microsoft is encouraging the developers to share their stories with hashtag #MyVSstory. The focus of this version of VS is on the Microsoft Azure service and also helps the coders to develop the cloud-based apps. Microsoft is also offering the Xamarin in this version. It will enable the developers to develop the.Net based Android, Windows, and iOS apps.

With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, the company is planning to focus on the web app development easier with the ASP.NET. It will also try to make.NET core more similar to the rest of the.NET. The update also brings a new Visual C to the studio.

Microsoft says that this version is faster and easier to work than before. It lets you install only the preferred features. For those who are interested in learning more about the VS 2017, you can opt for the live training sessions on March 8th.

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