Microsoft Windows 10 Design Overhaul Leaked Screenshots

Well, it was known for quite some time that Microsoft is working on Windows 10 for its new design and language. It is also working on its first and third party apps on Windows 10 platform. This new Windows platform is going to be a revolutionary one. It’s more interactive than any of the Windows platform.

It is built on a clean and content focused metro design language that was first introduced in Windows 8. The current Microsoft Design Language 2 is in use for Windows 10. Apart from this, there are few more new features. Check out this article to know more about Windows 10.

A brand new component for Windows 10

There is a new element introduced this new windows. It is called “Acrylic.” The new feature will see unfocused elements like desktop backgrounds, the apps, sidebars and also the navigations will become blurred and translucent. This feature will highlight the relevant content for you.

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There is the importance of texts and images within the interface elements. It also enhances the consistency and introduces more refined animations throughout the board. The Microsoft Groove app is also introduced in Windows 10. It makes album art shrink when you are scrolling down the track list.

3D interactions

The changes that are limited to functionality and context are good; especially the new Windows at present do not look dated. All it needs is a bit more polish and consistency. The new design language also comes with interactions in 3D. You can get the Hololens mixed headsets that highlight the visual elements as you focus on those elements with your cursor or gaze. The company will implement the project NEON this year. It is an update with codename Redstone 3. It will follow the creator’s update that will release this April. The project NEON will also bring a lot of incremental upgrades for the design of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Leaked Design

Windows 10 Leaked Design

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