Microsoft Releases Windows Cloud: Revival Of Windows RT

Last week, Microsoft released the 18th Redstone 2. It is also called as the Creator’s Update which is developed for the PC’s, and they started testing it from 2016. The build is mostly focused on the gaming features. Now, you might have heard about the name of Windows Cloud in system files of the new Windows 10.

Some experts guess it is a new version of the Windows. But no one knows what it is. Two names appear in the list of Windows 10 Insider build 15002; they are Windows Cloud and the Windows Cloud N. There are some other pieces of information about the Windows Cloud.

Modified version of unpopular Windows RT

You might have guessed that this is an operating system that is present in the cloud but it’s not. It is an operating system which runs only the Microsoft’s UWP apps. You can only download these apps from Windows store. So, we can say that Windows Cloud is the second version of the unpopular Windows RT. Well, the Windows RT was the operating system that powered the Windows Surface Tablet and also the Surface 2. A lot of users criticized the Windows RT because it was not able to run any apps. It was designed for a few limited apps, and it could only run those. Even you would not be able to run the apps downloaded from Windows Store. It made Windows RT useless for people. During that time the majority of apps were coded for the Win32 environment.

Competition for Chromebooks

A few people liked Windows RT, but the majority of customers shifted to Windows 8, and the Surface 2 was no more sold. The only advantage Windows RT offered was platform safety and reliability. The Windows Cloud is useful for specific environments like schools, offices so that they can handle only basic apps. Microsoft developed the Windows Cloud to give competition to the Chromebooks becoming popular in the schools. The simplicity of Chromebooks made it popular for the school administrations.

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It has not gone too well for Microsoft, and this is why it looks to revive the classroom services by Windows. The company believes, its new Intune for Education device and app management software will play a significant role in that. Also, the PCs with a dedicated OS will make the Windows 10 even more attractive. It will offer the digital inking and other features that are not available in Chromebook. So this might be a strategy by Microsoft to capture the classroom? Microsoft didn’t comment on it yet.

Why is Windows Cloud important for Microsoft?

The consumers totally rejected the Windows RT. It is why the Windows Cloud will be a niche offering if all the information about this new OS is accurate. The option to lock down the windows for a single app use is very useful in specific organizations. It is why the different versions of Windows offer the “Kiosk” mode, where Windows 10 is locked in a single app. During the test mode, Intune will close the internet access. So it looks like the Windows Cloud will offer more flexibility while maintaining control. Windows Cloud can be wired the same way as Windows RT. But there is a difference. You can now use the Win32 desktop apps which are not strictly limited to UWP but offers a clean installation. If the cloud allows this, then it is a much better OS than the RT.

So what do you think? Will Microsoft resurrect the Windows RT version once again? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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