‘Miitomo’ The 1st Smartphone Game By Nintendo Attracted Over 1 Million Users

On Tuesday, Nintendo stated that its 1st smartphone game attracted over 1 million users in 3 days. After the good news for this Japanese game giant that was long reluctant was released.

Last weekend, the ‘Miitomo’ was released by Nintendo. It is an interactive and a free-to-play game through which ‘Mii’ avatars can be created from the console-only policy. It can be called a merge of Nintendo’s approach to Miis along with messaging service. After the success of Line, Miitomo is expected to perform well.

How the app works

The outfits of the avatars can be customized through in-app purchases and interaction with characters is possible, which other friends or people have created.

Questions are asked to the players such as what they did on the weekend or what is the favorite food. The no. of users of this game crossed 1 million, stated a spokeswoman.

You know you have an interesting game that is going to get the teenagers hooked in no time when it starts with the question “how well do you know your friends?”

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Nintendo business aspect

The news also shared the shares of Nintendo that soared 8.18 percent high, which is close to JPY, a day after the national holiday.

As per the official account on the game on Twitter, it is stated that the company was quite surprised after so many players were quickly attracted – hence concluding that the Miitomo game was super successful.

Nintendo has struggled a lot as Microsoft and Sony have outpaced it in the sales. These three companies fight a trend towards free downloadable games for smartphones.

However, Nintendo has received criticism for refusing to get some iconic brands licensed.

Update: Right after its release, by the end of April 4th, 2016, 3 million people had already downloaded this app. It is available both on Google PlayStore and iTunes.

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