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Finding reliable and trustworthy service provider was always been a problem, you have to either ask for references and numbers from here and there or you have to visit each and every other service provider’s website and ask them separately for their quotations, which leads you to the condition of constant irritating phone calls and emails from everyone forcing you to opt for their service. And what’s the guarantee that they will complete your job for sure? Here’s where Missionkya steps in.

Missionkya is an online service marketplace startup we are working towards solving each of the above problem missionkya helps you to receive bids over your requirements, you just have to post your any service related requirements with your expected budget, deadline and description, and then you will start receiving bids over your Mission which would be accomplished by expert freelancers and business houses working efficiently in those particular niches. Missionkya team provides you a personal project manager who constantly monitors the quality of the job and the target achieved. We come up with an idea of revolutionizing the concept of hiring and finding work.

Ayush Goyal, Founder of Missionkya.com said journey till here was never been easy, having no money in pocket and single-handedly managing everything in the starting, from idea framing to providing customer support after the launch, he managed everything with the sole motive of revolutionizing how service industry works.

“It took me almost 1 and half year to idealize and conceptualize everything about Missionkya, the first few months were spent on research, research and research. Then the framing and product development part, before mvp(minimum viable product) it was way bit typical to attract business house and freelancers before so that they can serve your upcoming clients, simultaneously I try to understand the core problem faced by those of small business houses and expert freelancers, which is from where they should find potential customers, keeping this thing in mind we are trying to give experts a platform where they can find their potential customers and offer them the best of their service.”

Missionkya is working in 11+ categories ranging from web development, content writer, CA/Lawyer, taxation, photography, graphics & animation, app development, construction & architecture, to handyman service, pest control, they have almost everything in house which any busy person would be required. Soon will be expanding the service in more categories.

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Missionkya had an amazing concept of joy buckets which is a tailor made pack designed by our service provider in order to provide you a one step solution for all your needs in a particular niche, these buckets help our customers o directly opt for any service under 1 pack on our homepage only.

Missionkya.com Flow Chart

Missionkya.com Flow Chart

We are pledge to serve the best of service industry is Missionkya’s slogan

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