Moto G Turbo Review: Should You Buy It?

Motorola is constantly trying to improvise its device range. But the price remains the same every time. All its phones are a hit in the upper-mid price range. This phone is still under 10K so you might find the features kind of interesting in this price range. Moto G Turbo does have a few quirks, but we could also see where they adjusted the prices.

Moto G Turbo: Design and Display

With the same rough back and the plastic finish, you don’t get anything extra here. But for Moto G Turbo, Motorola has used ballistic nylon. This is tougher than synthetic. It is not as destructible as it looks. The thick metal side panel is a nice addition to this.

The 5inch screen comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 feature. Get a tempered glass on top of it, and you have a handset as sturdy as the old Nokia 3310. The display is bright enough. But you might have to shift it to full brightness to get good legibility. In countries like India, especially during summers, the sunlight legibility might flicker.

Moto G Turbo: Hardware and Performance

There’s a bump in the performance from the last Moto G handset. Here you have Snapdragon 615. This is okay considering the price range. Motorola has made a smart improvement with this phone. It has enhanced the background which makes the 615 performance feel smooth too. This is why you compare its phone with any other 615 devices and it still outperforms them.

You can notice the differences when you are loading apps and cameras. You can see that they load faster and there is no lag at all. The 16GB internal memory with 32GB microSD support is more than enough for day to day tasks. It comes with 2GB RAM and Adreno 405 GPU. We tried playing heavy duty games like Asphalt Nitro. This is where the combination of all these features worked wonders. It never slowed down or heated up much during our use.

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Moto G Turbo: Software and UI

Motorola is a pure delight when it comes to Software and UI. The stock Android appeal is what users love, and Motorola makes sure that is present in this phone. The UI runs smooth, and there are no hiccups. There are limited Motorola Tweaks to make the phone smarter. Also, there are a few more apps which don’t bother you as the internal is 16GB.

Motorola also added a few new features where you get to flick the phone to on the camera. The gesture mode when turned on helps you switch on the flashlight. A few of such tweaks which present in other Moto G phones also remain intact.

Moto G Turbo: Camera and Battery

The camera feature is that took us by surprise. We have used a 13MP camera in the previous models too. But none of them took such crisp pictures before. It seems like Motorola has made a few software changes which led to such good picture quality. It takes good pictures even in low light. The video recording is maxed out at 30fps and 1080p.

Sometimes the front camera struggled to keep up the images in low light conditions. The 5MP sensor struggled to lock focus resulting in blurry images. But it took pretty decent pictures under sufficient light.

The phone runs in octa-core which should help with its only 2470 mAh battery. Many longtime users have reported that the phone does run out of battery pretty soon. The only saving grace is its Turbo Power charger which helps charge it in no time.

Moto G Turbo: Final Verdict

It comes with a dual 4G SIM slot. You can say that it is an upgrade from the old Moto G. But there are better phones even from Motorola in this price range. So you must check out Moto E3, and Moto G4 Play before deciding whether you want this phone. Except for the battery, everything seems pretty decent with this one.

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