Moto G4 Plus Review: How Good Is It Really?

Motorola has stirred once again, establishing itself as a front-runner in the mid-price range. From Moto E to Moto G series, the phones have given a consistent performance. The company seems to have charted Samsung’s trend in the Indian market. But the stock Android feel of the phones is way better than any phone the markets have seen before. Moto G4 Plus is an upgrade from Moto G4, but is it one that is necessary and worthy? Let’s find out!

Moto G4 Plus: Design and Display

Moto G series is known for its compact design, but G4 Plus is rather large. It is 5.5inch and looks crisp and vivid. The rounded metal body with rubber rear portion makes it ergonomic. We felt like this phone was less likely to slip from your hands because of the back finish.

Display wise; the phone showed good legibility in sunlight. The blacks are very sharp. Moto G4 Plus comes with a tiny fingerprint sensor, although it is easy to misread it as the trademark bottom grille.

Moto G4 Plus: Software and UI

The phone is slated to get an Android 7.0 Nougat update soon – if it has not already. The best part of Motorola phones is the smoothness of performance. They give you the best stock Android experience among all budget phones. This phone also comes with its proprietary skins. A few Google apps and file manager are some of the inbuilt apps you have.

As with other Motorola smartphones, you have the chop to open and other gesture options. These make these phones easier to operate. The sensors work even if you have an inclusive phone cover. Overall the exclusive Motorola UI features are inherent.

Moto G4 Plus: Performance and Hardware

Moto G4 Plus comes with a good set of features which sit well superb together. At the time it was released it, Snapdragon 617 chipset hit the markets. Hence, it was an excellent addition. With octa-core processor, it does not underperform in any way. Although some users might feel the new 835 chipset is a better deal. It comes with 16GB and 2GB RAM variants. It’s also available in 32GB and 3GB RAM. Both are expandable with a microSD card.

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We felt that the Adreno 405 GPU gave an excellent performance. Although we noticed some lag while playing heavy duty games. For day to day usage and multitasking, this phone is a perfect combination of features.

Moto G4 Plus: Camera and Battery

Motorola phones are not known for their camera features. Even with a 13MP, they give you fewer quality pictures. But with this phone, Motorola seems to have taken the consensus. We see a 16MP camera here with f/2.0 aperture that takes crisp pictures. The dual-LED flash along with OmniVision Sensor, auto face detection are useful additions.

There is a 3000 mAh non-removable battery on this phone. The fact that it is light and not a humongous one like Redmi Note 3. It is what makes this phone compact and light-weight. The battery is not super smooth, but it does last for a day. The turbocharging feature ensures that it gets quickly charged.

Moto G4 Plus: Final Verdict

The lower end G4 Plus costs INR 13,000 while the higher end phone costs INR 14,000. We recommend the higher-end version because multitasking is a smoother experience in it. Moto G4 Plus falls in the Redmi Note 3 and LeCo Le 2 category. So we must mention that performance-wise it won’t be as powerful. But if you love the stock Android experience and a good camera, go for it.

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