Moto X Leaked Features: How Good Is It?

Of late there has been an influx of leaks about Moto X. Usually, this volume of leaks suggests that the phone is about to release very soon. A recent leak was published in a Chinese tabloid which suggested that the phone will have a lot of similarities with Moto Z Play.

Moto X still in production?

Phonearena also confirmed that the recently leaked pictures of the phone are identical to Weibo’s. But at the same time, we hear that Moto X is anything but completed. It is still under the process of production. Usually, this is the time when the tabloids get tipped off about its features. But at this point, we shall take it with a grain of salt.

According to news, there is a phone codenamed “Albus” (like Albus Dumbledore), with 12MPs and there’s another phone codenamed “Sanders.” Now we don’t know if there are two phones or if one of them is Moto X and another is the upgraded version, aka Moto X Play.

Sanders has the model number XT-180X and has a 13MPs rear camera. One of the phones features 3GB RAM while another has 4GB. There are also two variants of storage – 32GB and 64GB. All of this point towards a higher range and a lower range release from Lenovo.

Leaked Features Point Towards Budget Friendliness

Motorola is known for introducing budget smartphones in the market. This is why their features are also similar to the mid-budget range models. This phone looks like it will feature a Snapdragon 625 SoC Octa-core processor – a simple upgrade from the 425 Snapdragon. It will also feature a 3GB Ram and 32GB internal memory. All of these features show that it is most likely to release in the under-15,000 rupees budget range.

Moto X Leaked Image

Moto X Leaked Image

The leaked image shows there will be a dual camera at the back which is placed exactly like Moto Z Play. The dual lens camera will have 13MPs at the rear end and 8MPs at the front end.

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Similar design as Moto G5 Plus

Meanwhile, there are other rumors from Android Central which suggest that the phone will have a metal chassis. This feature is already present in the recently released Moto G5 Plus. At this point, we don’t know whether it will have a fingerprint sensor or other features or not. But rumors suggest the phone will have a curved screen much like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Looking at the designs and features, it seems like Lenovo is planning to release a successor to Moto Z Play. This is why the body and features are quite the same. Hence, the price is also expected to remain in the same range as Moto Z Play. However, the lower end phone might be lesser by two thousand INR.

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