Mozilla Firefox Is Working On A Feature Called SnoozeTabs

Mozilla Firefox will soon bring out a new feature for you. It is called SnoozeTabs. The feature will let you open tabs on a specified time. It is not exactly a new feature for a lot of apps. We have seen the “snooze” feature in few of the email and messaging apps.

Mozilla Firefox is trying out that feature too and they are applying it to the browser tabs. So how does the SnoozeTab feature function? You have to click on an icon at the upper right section of Firefox. Then you can choose a time when you want that tab to return. It will stay away until then and return at your specified time.

The features of Mozilla Firefox SnoozeTabs

One of the main features of the SnoozeTab is, when the tab reappears, it will be in the background so that you won’t get disturbed from what you were doing. You can test the SnoozeTab feature of Mozilla. Just activate he Mozilla’s Test pilot extension. It will let you try out the experimental features before they are added to Firefox and released officially.

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The test pilot is available on Windows, Linux and macOS. Firefox is testing one more feature called Pulse. It will allow the users in sending feedback to the developers on which sites are working well with Firefox and which sites are not. There is a new pulse button on the bookmarks bar. You can rate the site’s performance starting from one to five stars. The feature is mostly useful for the engineers and developers of Mozilla Firefox.

At present, Firefox is testing both the features and very soon it will come to a stable version. For those who are excited to test both the features, you can just activate it from the “Test Pilot extension”. Some speculators say this is a nothing more than a chrome extension. Well, finally, if you want to get back to your tabs in the old school way then you can always use the “history” option. Atleast, this time you will have a new feature to deal with tab anxiety.

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