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My Child App is an app that can transform the life. By detecting the disorders in the least matter of time and make you healthy and fit by helping you to make the right choice.


“It is health that is a real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

From the above quotes, we can say that “Health is Wealth.” This saying is completely indisputable around the entire Globe. Whether it be any place, but the official definition of this proverb apprehends by only those persons who bears the brunt of suffering agony. Whatever may be the reason of torment we consult to Doctor. About ourselves or our siblings to cure the problem but there are few who not only self-centric cure themselves but also bring awareness to the society about different diseases or disabilities they have suffered and what you can do to cure them.

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My Child App

My Child App Founder

One such example is our Harsh Songra who was suffering from a developmental coordination disorder known as dyspraxia. Which had severely affected his motor and even cognitive abilities? He was growing with the disease which took years to show its effect on him. When he was nine years old, he was first time diagnosed.

Brilliant and brainy Harsh failed in 6th standard. Reaction of his teacher during a parent-teacher meeting, to attend a school meant for the ‘disabled.’

The teacher failed to understand that the only difference between differently-abled individuals and others. She could not understand the fact that while one might take 4 hours to complete a particular task, another might take just two. Harsh took 15minutes just to button up his shirt which hardly takes a minute.

Unfortunately, Harsh’ teacher is not the only one who is bagging under misconceptions of impairment. The need of the hour is to raise awareness and to improve understanding of mental health problems while breaking the taboo surrounding such problems. There also needs to be more acceptance of individuals suffering from these problems, which should be treated using therapy instead of superstitious beliefs. Harsha Songra gave a speech in which he told the real mental block of the society and people towards people facing disorders. Harsh said – “In India, you aren’t taken through regular tests. There is also an adamant stigma associated with any mental illness, making it impossible for many to discuss the issue openly, says Harsh”.

Winner and App

His disorder did not define him; rather his determination set him. Harsh transformed what others might view as a weakness, as a business opportunity. This incident stuck in Harsh’s mind, and he decided to build something in the future. A thing that would make other parents capable of screening disorders. When he turned 16, Harsh learned the Android programming. He felt that technology was the perfect solution for all disorders because it is cheap and easy to access. After trial and error, Harsh transpired his dream and came up with the ‘My Child’ app. “The app was able to screen those developmental disorders in 45 seconds which took my parents more than nine years to figure out,” adds Harsh.

Harsh is an 18-year-old college student from at Bhopal School of Social Sciences. Apart from My Child app, he has also developed other apps like Studio eBay.

My Child App

Harsh researched on the topic. He found that every sixth child suffers from a developmental disorder. He claims that according to reports given by MIT, by 2025, every second child will have autism.

Harsh says: “There is limited understanding of the subject in India, and parents are unaware. And if an app like this could make parents capable of screening disorders, then, I guess, there could be a huge impact, and also make the world a better place.”

This app can detect disorders like delayed motor coordination and neurological disorders. All of these are critical diseases, or you may say an illness that can be detected in small children at the age from 11 to 24 months. The app acts as an entire referral point on the disorders, as input grounds on the comprehensive theoretical research done through books. As a disclaimer, Harsh says:

We do not claim that the child suffers from the disorder as there could be a lot of variations in the attainment of milestones, but still – what’s suggested by the app may need quick advice/checkup by the specialist.”

Vision and Motivation

Worldwide 10% to 20% of children and adolescents experience mental disorders as per the WHO data. Neuropsychiatric conditions are the most accountable causes of disability in young people in all regions. If these circumstances are untreated, then these conditions gravely influence the child’s development, their education and their potential to live enjoyably by fulfilling their dream.

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Around 13% to 14% of school-going children still suffer from some learning disability and developmental disorder, In India.

Talking about the MY CHILD APP, founder Harsh said:- “We are on a mission to keep the kids healthy by enabling their parents to reduce the chances of their child suffering from any developmental disorder, and this is where we start. The team is thankful to Dr. Ravi Malik, Joint Secretary of Indian Medical Association and Dr. Ritesh Malik, Founder of Innov8 Co-working who guided us through the research by being on our medical advisory board.”

Developmental Disorder OR Delayed Development refers to a group of conditions that involves delay in the development of many basic skills. The most common ones include the ability to socialize with others, to communicate, and to use imagination.

The app is especially helpful in today’s society where parents have busy, and hectic lives.They may not always be able to monitor the right pattern for their child’s growth.

How does this App work –

  • FIRST – Download the My child app. Then log in, either through Facebook or mail address.
  • SECOND – Parent will need to provide complete details of their child. The details consist the weight, height, and date of birth.
  • THIRD – The app stores Data after every detail mentioned.The user is then directed to the screen where they have options for screening, to refer to related blogs, make notes regarding the child and to find doctors for them.
  • FOURTH – For screening, the questions pertain to specific details related to the child’s growth over the years. The app also looks out for information such as child’s ability to smile and speak mono-syllables and second syllables. Even followed by words and sentences.
  • FIFTH – The app provides suggestions based on theoretical research from several books. However, Harsh was quick to add:-” it doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate, and it should use as a reference only”.
  • SIXTH – Built on the back-end comprising of Java and PHP. The app functions on a procedure which is a mixture of analytics and comparison.


My child app hurled on the Play store on January 26, 2015. Even on this month, the app has got over 1000 downloads. It was also selected in the hard to get Facebook Start bootstrap program. It even received $25K online credits. Currently used in astonishing 100 plus countries with more than 7000 users worldwide.

Roadmap and Future Vision

According to Harsh’s words “We have a roadmap ready. In the future, the app will evolve as a perfect guide for parents telling them what are the dos and don ts of bringing up a healthy child. We will also develop a community in the future helping parents to communicate with other parents and doctors through the app, and discuss their problems. We feel that we could bring a change in the world and make it better.”

Latest Upgrade

My Child App

My Child App

The last version of the app helped parents screen disorders in just 45 seconds. But still, it lacked by only testing the child once he was 11 months old and the disorder was already there. Based on the feedback of many parents the latest version tracks the child right from the age of 1 month. It also ensures that parents can catch the particular disorder as soon as it occurs.

The new version will allow the parents to not only screen developmental disorders. But also help prevent them by tracking the child’s development. The genius team has used suggestion and analytics from the previous app, which has considerably improved the platform and parents can now detect developmental issues in mere 10 seconds!.

The new update even displays the relevant content for the parents depending on the age and development level of the child.

So, parents focus will be on the most relevant content without getting derailed by useless information. The team also ensures that the information shared with parents is perfectly medically sound. And the medical board thoroughly checks each aspect of it.


My Child App has a tremendous experience in financing. Since it has successfully raised a $100, 000 dollars seed funding, led by 500 Startups in the month of January in 2016. The other Angel investors who have taken part in this round were: -Saurabh Paruthi, Amit Gupta, Anisha Mittal, Lalit Mangal, Samir Bangura, Arihant Patni, Pallav Nadhani, Dr. Ritesh Malik, Deobrat Singh, WEBSITE: and Singapore Angel Network.


My Child App

My Child App Founders




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