MyShake: An App That Identifies Tremors And Sens Earthquake

Earthquakes are a major issue in a lot of countries. And recently frequent earthquakes have caused grievances for people. But the good news is, scientists at UC Berkley developed an app. The app can detect an earthquake. It is known as MyShake earthquake sensing app. It can identify hundreds of tremors from a long distance. The app is useful for warning the users and many other people before an earthquake. The app monitors the seismic activity. The app was created in February 2016. But it was not released. The creators at UC Berkley ran a lot of tests. And in this period, this app outperformed creators’ expectations.

What do the creators say about MyShake earthquake sensing app?

MyShake earthquake sensing app has identified more than 200 earthquakes in 10 countries. The app released recently. And in a short time, the app received more than 200000 downloads. It can read any seismic activity in a given time. But you have to keep the phone idle so that it can sense events. But, in the last six months of test, the app proved to be effective. According to one of the creators of the MyShake earthquake sensing app Qingkai Kong, “We found that MyShake could detect large earthquakes, but also small ones, which we never thought would be possible.

How does this earthquake sensing work?

In one of the Geophysical Research Letters, the early results of this app were published. Here is the brief description of how the app works. On any day, more than 8000 phones give acceleration waveform data to MyShake archive. This smartphone app can detect and trigger on P waves. It is capable of recording a size of seismic activity as small as 2.5. The most waveforms from a single earthquake came from M5.2 Borrego Springs in California. It was one of the massive earthquakes in history. And for this earthquake, the app collected more than 103 three basic waveforms. The network is increasing from Google Play store every day. It is expanding fast, especially for the earthquake-prone areas.

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An immense help for seismologists

Nowadays people are more concerned about earthquakes. They want to take as many precautions as possible. And since the app has proved so much useful, it got many downloads. The accelerometers in phones and any other smart devices are useful. Some devices can read tremors beneath the earth. But this app comes in handy for all the people. The accelerometers are present in different ranges and altitudes from the epicenter of the quake. And they offer different data. And these are useful for seismologists. It makes the earthquake prone areas safer by warning the locals. And it gives them a certain time to prepare themselves and also tell others.

There is one more important feature of this MyShake earthquake sensing app. It offers summaries of recent earthquakes that took place around the world. It shows you what the earthquakes would have looked like in your area. The app is free in Google Play store. You can download and install it to be safe yourself. Also, you can contribute to the worldwide network by sharing the info you get from the app.

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