New Updates Brought For Apple Music! Family Sharing Now Possible !

Last month, a home screen widget was launched by Apple last month for Android users as Apple Music’s update. Now, another updated is being seeded out by this tech firm. Now, it is brought support for music videos and family sharing.

With Apple Music v0.9.8, near feature parity is brought about by Android for Apple Music app of the company for iOS. With support for Family Sharing, 6 members can be added up by the users for $14.99 and purchased content can be shared by them. This way, a control can be kept by parents on the purchases of kids. The base fare of this membership is $9.99.

With updated app, viewers can view music videos as well as generic videos inside the application. The app listing states that now, thousands of music videos can be enjoyed on Apple Music and popular and featured ones can be featured from the favorite artists.

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You can download this updated Apple Music Android app from Google Play.  Last month, the update of Apple Music had brought a home screen widget. With this widget, songs can be played and paused and users get an option for changing to previous or next track. With this update songs can be added to Apple Music catalogue to playlists without adding them to the library. The app is supportive of gift cards also. You can access this feature from settings.

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