Ninja Spinki Challenges: New Game Launched By Flappy Bird Creator

Game Developer Dong Nguyen doesn’t need any introduction. He was the man who created the notoriously impossible game Flappy Bird in 2013. Even though the game was impossible to play, it became a sensation, and we all tried it. Never mind that we shamelessly failed at it numerous times. Now he is back with another game named Ninja Spinki Challenges.

He pulled off Flappy Bird game officially from App stores, but there were clones available unofficially. The reason he said to pull off Flappy Bird was that the game was becoming an addictive one for his users. As we mentioned now he is back with Ninja Spinki Challenges. So the man comes again, only this time with a more playable game. But will it be as addictive as Flappy Bird? Let’s find out!

Ninja Spinki Challenges – the new game

This game blends six different types of games into one collection. That’s surely going to give you one hell of an experience. A few twists have also been included. Overall, this game appears to be more polished and accessible.

So the idea here is to become a ninja under training. You have to earn your bonafide being a warrior who proves her or himself. The game is already available for both Android and iOS users.

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Game style changes

Dong Nguyen has launched an early challenge for you. Once you finish this, you will be taken to the second stage where you have to fight through five harder sessions. Once through, you will unlock the endless mode.

You can also engage in different play styles and last long in them to scoop up more bonafide points. The endless game will be opened up when you survive one of the six games.

Finger-sensitive and Difficult

This game too has that trademark of Nguyen’s sophisticated design. You can swiftly tap around your phone’s screen while it reads the precise finger movements. The difference here is that although the initial hits seem easy to attain, the more you upgrade, the more complicated it gets.

So this game isn’t less easy, it just allows you to go higher until you get the dose of actual difficulty. Yes, it may remind you of Flappy Bird at that time, but you won’t have a clue in the beginning.

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