Nintendo Switch Console Will Cost Less Than $250

It has almost become a tradition. Nintendo brings up a new product, and the Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports it immediately. The release date of Nintendo Switch is yet to be confirmed, but that didn’t stop the reports from coming up with speculations. For those who are not aware of what the Nintendo Switch is, it is a hybrid portable console that will help people to play games on TV.

According to Nikkei, it states that the price for Nintendo Switch is going to be JPY 25000. Previously it was said that the price of Nintendo Switch would be around $213, but now reports say that it might end up being $250 or at least than $250. So what is the reason for this? Here it is!

Nintendo Switch price confusion

The reason is Nintendo’s previous consoles. At the launch, the cost of Wii was JPY 25000 which was $213 in Japan. But in the US the price was $250. The price difference came when the Japanese edition did not include any bundled games, but the US version had games within it. Suddenly, Nintendo stopped producing the Wii U, but the company denied it.

The wholesale price of Nintendo Switch for the retailers reported by GAME. It is a UK specialist gaming retail. They are planning on selling away the primary SKU (Stock keeping unit) of the system within the stores for just £39.99 at GAME.

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The SKU featuring more internal storage and with packed games might be sold at £249.99. But this is not confirmed yet. The switch pro controllers are expected to sell at the launch, at a price of £39.99 at GAME. It is expected that Nintendo will officially announce the additional details regarding the console at 13th January. And that will also include the price.

The Nintendo switch will compete with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So that is a tough competition. After the announcement, the queries about software and hardware will also become clear.

It is better not to compete

There are chances that the third party publishers will flock the console with the idiosyncratic demographics and specs. It might get too expensive for others to tailor the games too. It is better for Nintendo to compete with Microsoft or Sony. Because it does not have the operating systems, content portfolios or the online stores to sell in.

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