Nintendo Switch Hacked! Is It The Right Time To Buy?

The Nintendo Switch browser released with several vulnerabilities which the hackers were exploiting. A hacker who calls himself “qwertyuiop” revealed this vulnerability via a screenshot. He is known for Jailbreaks of multiple iOS versions, and he is also the person who showed the PS4 1.76 Jailbreak. It seemed like a Webkit Exploit that was running on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Vulnerability

The hacker’s reputation calls for attention to this alleged “vulnerability.” He said that all he had to do was tweak the jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit and remove the iOS specific code from it. This is the first time in history that people got their hands on the console hack first rather than the console. From the looks of it, there are several vulnerabilities at present.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo’s Switch continues to grow fast. The company said that this is the fastest selling system they’ve ever had in the United States. This includes Wii and Nintendo DS which released during the festive season. What’s more? The users aren’t even complaining about issues like motion control. The wireless seems seamless as well. The Screen scratching which was a problem earlier is also not an issue for the most part with the now users.

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To buy or not to buy

Right now some users are wondering whether to buy it or not because of the recent vulnerability. There is always a threat of limitations and bugs in the early releases. Meanwhile, the hack that was released fails to mean much for the end users. The Hackers haven’t released anything yet. Hackers usually go after the Kernel access. Until the hackers have a better access to the object’s internals, they won’t reveal any further.

But since the vulnerability’s public, Nintendo will release an update to patch all loopholes soon. If you still have the low-end firmware, you will be at the losing end. So wait till there are further advances on this device.

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