Nintendo Switch Review: Should You Buy It?

Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s new Wii. It also has features of Game Boy. So we’ll just say it is the combination of both. In layman terms, it is a handheld device that also transforms into a TV game console. What’s more? It also turns into a touchscreen tablet if you snap the wireless controllers. It has smooth kickstand too.

The Switch costs Rs. $280 and $300. So is it any worth? Let us find out!

Nintendo Switch: Display and Touch

The Nintendo Switch is a 6.2inch multi-touch display with 720p LCD Screen. The colors are vibrant, and it is bright enough to get a good view under direct sunlight. The viewing angles are impressive too. The pictures are visible even at 120-degrees. This is quite useful when you are playing games at multiplayer mode keeping it on the tabletop.

Compared to Wii U, Nintendo Switch has great touchscreen functionality. It’s a big plus because now we have got used to the touch screens of iPads and Smartphones. The Nintendo Switch retains experience.

Nintendo Switch: Dock and Grip

The dock is a combination of USB and HDMI ports. Just as Nintendo advertised it, it starts working the moment we drop the tablet on the dock. The picture then transfers onto the TV. Now you have to detach the Joy-Con, and you are ready to game.

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Now we come to the transition back to handheld mode. We were quite impressed that all we had to do is grab the Switch out of the dock. The Grip is what gives this entire thing a console transformation. It will remind you of Super Nintendo.

The small buttons are very easy to click and hit. It nowhere comes close to Sony Dual Shock 4. But it is more comfortable than what it seems at a glance. There is also no way to charge the Joy-Con. So you have got to reattach it to the tablet if it gets out of charge. You can also buy the Joy-Con Charging Grip which costs $30.

Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con

The Joy-Con is a letdown because we have often experienced de-syncs. It gets disconnected and takes a few seconds to connect when out of the grip. ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild’ gamers have reported the same. But it is happening more often while playing the 1-2-Switch.

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We have had this issue playing with the Joy-Con even at a distance of 10 feet from the grip. Distance is a factor here. Apart from these, there are a few factors that make it useful like the accelerometer. The accelerometer is extremely accurate. You can see it while playing the 1-2 Switch. Nintendo also added an infrared sensor to the right one.

Nintendo Switch: Performance

Talking about performance, we were quite disappointed with it. ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ was developed for Wii U and the Switch. But the game doesn’t even make to 30 fps most of the times in the TV mode. Such performance issues are not uncommon in high-resolution devices. But Nintendo Switch does not qualify any of those criteria.

It seems like this issue is because Zelda takes up only 13.4 GB here. Hence it is very much compressed because of which the performance shows a lack on screen. These performance issues are too hard to ignore and do not place the Switch in the long haul.

The Switch’s GPU power is clocked down when it is not docked, to save power. But, the experience was a rapid shift while playing in the handheld mode. For Zelda, you get a smooth 720p experience while playing it in handheld mode.

Nintendo Switch: Battery

The battery is supposed to give you a 20 hours performance. When unconnected to the dock, Nintendo Switch draws a battery power of 9.1W at its peak. This means if you are to buy a portable charger you will need one that gives you a 5V at 2A or higher.

Nintendo Switch: Final Verdict

The Switch doesn’t perform well on TV, but as a handheld device, it is quite good. It is also portable enough to carry it in your bag. You can easily carry this lightweight device on the go. The presence of a gorgeous screen supports the portability.

Yes, as a console it lacks any of those. So it lacks in some aspects while it makes up for it in other aspects. So if you need a decent handheld device, go for it.

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