Nokia 3310 Is Truly Indestructible! Reborn After 17 Years At MWC 2017

Nokia will re-launch 3310 – thanks to the internet for showering love on this phone. Apparently, those ‘indestructible’ memes have reached Nokia and now they are planning to launch this phone once again. Nokia 3310 was known for its hardiness.

The phone was so resilient and vigorous that people started making fun of ‘those good old days’ when they would throw a Nokia phone from their balcony and the tectonic plates would shake.

All done in fun and humor – but the fact remains that today’s phones are no match to Nokia’s solid features back then.

Nokia 3310 has a legacy to live up to

Who doesn’t want a phone that will break the wall when they are angry? Up until now we just broke mobile phones. Some are already raving ‘daddy’s home’ with the announcement. But is Daddy home yet?

Apparently, Nokia will make some big announcement at the MWC 2017. Evan Blass leaked the announcement of re-launch of Nokia 3310. He mentioned that the price would be €59 for this new handset.

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This phone was originally released in early 2000 and it paved the way for smartphones as we know today. The phone was recognized for the seemingly unlimited battery life, and the robust design, that seemed to withstand all storms.

Snake Game to Come Back

We – the 90s kids – spent some good amount of time playing the ‘Snake’ game. It was so loved that this game is now available for download on PlayStore, Windows Store and Apple Store. The phone, which might now be sold via Amazon marketplace, will feature four games – Snake II, Pairs II, Bantumi and Space Impact (another loved game).

Nokia struggled to survive in the smartphone era and brought out some phones that strived to make an impact. Ultimately the company got sold to Microsoft. Today, Nokia phones are sold by a Finnish company called HMD global. They will reveal three new mobiles besides Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017.

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