Nokia Is Working On The World’s Fastest 5G Technology

It is true that a fast connection is very much important nowadays. You just cannot deal a single day without having proper internet connection and smartphones. And by “proper” I mean, a robust and stable internet connection. Gone are the days of 2G, right now 4G LTE is the fastest internet connection you can avail from all the telecommunication companies. There is some good news for you! Nokia, Bharti Airtel, and BSNL are working in collaboration to bring the world’s fastest Internet connection 5G technology.

The companies are working on it. No doubt this is going to be a unique innovation, but there is a major question. Will the 4G phones support 5G technology? Or they need to bring 5G mobile phones too? We don’t know that yet. So let us share with you what we already know.

Bharti Airtel, Nokia, and BSNL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Well, the major criticism Indian network carriers get is their data speeds are not up to what they say it is. Even the new Reliance Jio 4G LTE network had to face intense criticism because a huge number of people complained they didn’t get 4G speed. The speed was a good 3G version.

According to market research, more than 90% people of India are still using the 2G connectivity. Now here is another question that pops up. Shall we get a full 5G technology? Or we would just get a better version of 3G or 4G like we are getting presently? Nokia is planning for 5G Spectrum assessments, workshops and they are working to develop a business case modeling.

Samsung and Fujitsu are already on the 5G technology

On the other hand, the University of Surrey in London is already hosting companies like Samsung and Fujitsu who are working on the 5G wireless technology. They started to work on the 5G wireless technology from last year. They are expecting the wireless technology to be up and running by 2018. You will be able to connect millions of devices which include smartwatches and tiny sensors too. You can even test driverless cars.

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While the 5G wireless technology might be running by 2018 in London, it might take 3-4 more years in India to bring the 5G technology. The necessary infrastructure, preparations, and viability are important. The 5G technology will be 30-40 times faster than the existing 4G LTE connections. Apart from downloading movies or entertainment purpose, the 5G will be able to boost the performance of the self-driving software for the autonomous cars and enhance the remote telesurgery.

Nokia took the initiative in 2015

For the 5G wireless technology prepared by Samsung and Fujitsu, the world’s largest carriers like AT&T and NTT DoCoMo of Japan want to be the first in offering this technology to consumers. In 2015, Nokia already started research in Germany on the architectural requirements of 5G Networks.

Recently, Nokia also announced its plans for bridging the gap of 4G and 5G. Nokia might introduce the 4.9G and 4.5G Pro. They are going to use the same antenna used in networks nowadays. With this 4.9G and 4.5G Pro technology, the uplinks speed will increase eight times.

Nokia sponsored the work by the University of Kaiserslautern on 5G technology. They are working on applications like remote controlled robotics and billions of devices. According to Nokia, the new network architecture is going to be highly programmable and it can manage a diverse range of services in a profitable way.

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