Nokia Shows Off 5G Technology At Confab

Well, we all are well aware of the 4G technologies all over the world. And now it is time for 5G. Nokia will present the 5G technology at the IEEE Global Telecom 2016. It is a telecom conference in Washington. During this conference, Nokia is planning to showcase 5G technology that will save a lot of money. The 5G technology can deliver increased speed. It can provide enhanced capacity to serve more people, machines, and devices. It will hit the market very soon. So what will Nokia offer? This article has all the details for you. Have a look!

The work process of 5G technology

As said by Nokia, it will show a spectrum access system. It will enable the US operators for using the shared spectrum. It will enhance in developing and outsource 4G coverage to reduce the price of the operation. The process is intelligence traffic steering. It will enable operators to use multiple access technology to improve traffic patterns and Networks. The operators can meet the demands of many users and device at the same hardware network.

Here is what the Chief Technology Engineer of Nokia says

The chief technology officer at Nokia, Hossain Moin, said,

We have defined a technology path to 5G that will allow operators to deliver enhancements in capacity and speed and take advantage of the new possibilities created by the connected world.

The mobile broadband will continue to be driven by the HD video. To create new opportunities, there is also the need of low-latency and ultra-reliable networks. It will help a lot for developing new opportunities.

5G technology is a big bet on the future of telecommunication

It has been a pretty long time that Nokia is struggling in the saturated handset market. It is why they are looking for new areas for growth. And at present, the best area is 5G technology. Nokia is focusing on it in a big way. CEO of Nokia, Rajiv Suri said, 5G technology is the key to the adoption of IOT (internet of things). Nokia plans to be the leader of devices that connect the Internet and can communicate with each other.

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Nokia-The probable leader of 5G technology?

IOT connects billions of devices. Here is what Suri has to say,

Everybody, everything is connected. All of those is enabled by 5G because when 5G was conceived, the idea was to be able to have a technology that enables many, many things to be connected. It is true that 5G allows a lot. And IOT will bring a lot of time to people. Productivity will increase. But the important thing is, there will be a lot of productivity coming to various sectors.

Well, the way Suri sees it; Nokia has a pretty dominating position in the 4G market. And the plans with 5G can benefit the company with the growth of IOT. Suri says Nokia is the leading 4G throughout the world. It has more than30% of share in 4G. And this is what puts Nokia to have a good chance to “lead the industry” with 5G technology. Let us see what they 5G will offer as it launches.

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