Nokia 6 Flash Sale 2 Is A Massive Hit But No White Color Models

Well, who does not like the sound of Nokia “Connecting people” when we switched on the phone? The good news is, Nokia is back again. Our TNI reporters stated on 9th January 2017 that the phone was out in the Chinese market. Now, the phone is out for a flash sale. Have a close look at the number of registrations made before the second flash sale of Nokia 6.

Is Nokia fever back?

It is pretty evident that Nokia craze is back again. The Nokia 6 second flash sale will take place very soon. With 1.4 million registrations in just a single day, we can say that the world is looking forward for the brand to bounce back.

Result of first flash sale on Nokia 6

The 1.4 million mark is not a small number. One more important factor is just two days ahead of the first Nokia 6 flash sale in China, the registrations cross the 1 million mark. Just in a week, the available Nokia 6 units were sold out.

The smartphone was out of stock in a minute in its first flash sale in China on e-commerce sites. For those who are not aware of the registrations, these are not the same as pre-orders. You won’t need any monetary exchange. For anyone who is interested, they can register for Nokia 6 on You just need an account on the website, and when the phone is available in stock, you will get notifications.

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It is also true, just the number of registrations does not indicate the number of sales. Though this is not the first time, Nokia tested a flash sale. The previous flash sale saw a clearance of stock in 1 minute. We don’t know the number of units HMD made for the first flash sale, but the sale was over in just 1 minute. During the first flash sale, there were more than 250000 registrations in 24 hours. If you want to know in details about the specs and price of the smartphone, then you can have a look at our previous article on it.

No white model

There was a rumor on a white version of Nokia 6. That is not true at all. The phone will come only in a Black version. It is also released in one country till now, and that is in China. There is also news that the smartphone will be available in the European market. But till now, it is not released in the European market. The phone launched in 1 country (China) and is taking the smartphone market by storm.

Let’s see if it enters the European market, how the sales turn up. If you want to know more about the launch of Nokia 6 in the European market, then you can have a look at our previous article. Here is the link.

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