Nokia 150 And 150 Dual SIM: First Nokia Phones Of HMD

On Tuesday HMD Global unveiled the Nokia branded phones once again. Yes, these phones will be named as Nokia. It might be hard to be hard to believe that Nokia still exists in the market, but it is still in the market. The phone has got two variants. One is the Nokia 150 and the other is the Nokia 150 Dual SIM. This is the first Nokia branded phones from HMD and these are the feature phones. If you anticipated the Nokia android phones, these are not the ones. The Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual SIM basic phones will be available in the market on sale from the first quarter of 2017. And at first, the products will be available in Europe, APAC and then IMEA.

The unique SLAM feature of Nokia 150 phones

The Nokia 150 and 150 dual SIM variants are the feature phones. They do not offer internet access. But both the phones offer MP3 players, FM Radio, Bluetooth V3.0 along with SLAM feature. Now this SLAM feature is a unique feature which was present on the Nokia Asha phones. You won’t need to wait for the Bluetooth to connect. Just turn on the Bluetooth of both Nokia 150 and any other device you want to connect. Then tap both the devices with each other. This is SLAM. The tap connects Bluetooth of both devices.

Specifications of Nokia 150

Apart from that, the Nokia 150 devices have a 2.4-inch QVGA (240*320) pixel displays. The devices run on the Nokia Series 30+ operating system. Both of them are priced at $26. It roughly comes to Rs 1800 without the local taxes and other subsidies. The Nokia 150 and 150 Dual SIM has a battery life up to 22 hours. HMD Global says that the standby time is 31 days. You will get a VGA camera with LED flash. This allows users to capture the special moments. This device has a talk time of 22 hours. The Nokia Dual SIM has a standby time of 25 days. Speaking of games and entertainment, the Nokia 150 and 150 dual SIM comes with pre-loaded Snake Xenzia. It also has the “try and buy” version of Nitro Racing by Gameloft2.

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About HMD Global

HMD Global is a Finnish company which owns the right to use the Nokia brand on the mobile devices. The company is led by Nokia executives. This month earlier, HMD took over Nokia basic phones from Microsoft and has stuck the licensing deal along with Nokia Oyj for bringing back the brand of smartphone in the market next year. With the launch of Nokia Phones, HMD will further strengthen the Nokia feature phones. This new Nokia 150 and 150 dual SIM has the beautiful Nokia durability. It features the hard wearing polycarbonate shells. The color is completely scratch resistant. These Nokia 150 phones are built to last.

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Agreement with Microsoft and HMD Global

The agreement signed by HMD with Microsoft is for 10 years. This agreement with Microsoft has some conditions. It will only cover the Nokia names in the basic phones. Microsoft will continue to create high-end Lumia smartphones with Windows. HMD is planning to spend 400 million Euros on marketing the Nokia brand for the next three years.

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