Nvidia Titan Xp Graphics Card- The Best In The World Till Now

When it comes to selecting the graphics cards, our first preference is always Nvidia. Not only it offers the best quality graphics cards at an affordable price, but the Nvidia graphics cards are also durable. In the graphics card sector, Nvidia has got almost a monopoly market.

Under such circumstances, the company makes one more brilliant move to attract customers. Nvidia Titan Xp Graphics card was launched by the company yesterday (6th March). It is the best graphics card available in the world till now. With this Nvidia Titan Xp graphics card, Nvidia took a giant leap ahead of any other major competitors like AMD, Qualcomm, Quadro, and Intel.

The price and specifications of Nvidia Titan Xp

The Nvidia Titan Xp comes at a cost of $1200. The card will offer you with the same Pascal GP 102 GPU as Quadro. But it is better than Quadro because Quadro offers the same specifications at price of almost $5000. You will also get the 3840 CUDA cores to play with. It is true Nvidia needed this. The reason is, the GTX 1080 Ti offers better performance than the Nvidia Titan of last year. Thus, the New Nvidia Titan Xp will let Nvidia be on top again.

The new version of Titan Xp also comes with a better and faster memory than Quadro. Last year, you would get 10 GHz and this time you will get 11.4 GHz of clock speed. It also comes with a boost clock of 1582 MHz which is better than the previous version which came with a boost clock of 1531 MHz.

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You might get the Titan X at a price of $1000 now if it is available still in the market. The Titan Xp comes with 12GB of GDDR5X RAM running over 11 Gbps. It has got a 384-bit memory interface width and 547.7 Gbps of bandwidth. The other contenders are definitely not going to sit this one out, especially AMD. It will launch the 14nm Vega architecture any day now, but till then Nvidia is on top.

Some additional features for ease of use

The Pascal architecture offers 3X faster performance than any other graphics cards available in the market. Not only gaming, it also supports the latest and next gen VR experiences too. You are in for the best horsepower one could imagine. The additional features of Nvidia Titan Xp include heat dissipation through the vapor chamber cooling technology. The die-cast aluminum body helps in fast heat dissipation.

The card still carries the same 250W thermal envelope like its previous generation. You will need 8 pin power connector and a 6 pin connector. Nvidia also says they will have the new beta Pascal drives for 10- series cards for the MacOS next week. These drivers will not only support the Titan Xp but also all the GTX 10 series video cards

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