Ola’s New Drop Location Ensures Safety! This Is How

Ola always keeps adding new features and find new ways to keep its users and drivers engage and entrained, remember the famous April Fool Prank “Ola Rooms”. This shows how serious Ola is in giving a stiff competition to its major competitor Uber India. Now it’s come with a new feature called drop location.

Ola Rooms

Ola Rooms

To be ahead in the competition, Ola today introduced a new feature for its riders know as Drop Location, the feature is not only good for location but have some safety feature too.

So what is Ola Drop Location?

We all know how much of hassle it becomes when we have to give directions to driver all the time. Forget to enjoy the ride, if you don’t know the local language then in some places it becomes a lot difficult to give directions to the cab driver.

To help its users, Ola has added a new feature where you also enter your drop-location. This helps the driver to take the easiest route he knows and it then also ensures your safety.

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Once you book a cab, you can now tap on “Drop location”, pick your destination from ‘Favorites’, or just type it out. As soon as you start your trip, drop location feature will guide the driver for the best and shortest route to your drop location. Now you can just sit back and relax, Ola with its new feature will take care of the rest.

Ola Drop Location

Ola Drop Location


After the location feature, Ola has come with a new website. Through this website, they are aiming to reach small towns. The company has tasted sheer success in the APAC regions. This is why it is coming out with a website that will help people even from villages and small towns book cabs in no time. They are growing rapidly in Tier 2 and 3 cities in India.


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