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OnePlus 3T – Review: The Flagship Killer

For a company that makes gadgets, a major challenge is to bring another favorite product after their previous release. Now that is not an easy task. A lot of companies fail to do that. But OnePlus 3T showed it once again. They learned the hard way when OnePlus 2 was an average sale. After the huge success of OnePLus 3, the OnePlus 3T sticks to the same formula. OnePlus 3T launched recently in India and from the response of the users, they just love it. But for those who already purchased the OnePlus 3, it will come as a blow. In just six months of the release of OnePLus 3, the company launched the OnePLus 3T.
The OnePLus 3T is available now on Amazon at a price of Rs 29999. Well, there is not a massive difference between OnePlus 3 and 3T. In this review, we will find out whether it is worth the premium over its predecessor.

Design and build quality

OnePlus 3T offers brilliant craftsmanship. The body is prepared from a single block of aluminum. The feel of this phone is as classy as any other flagship devices from Samsung, Apple or HTC. The round edges are convenient to hold. The button placement and the tactile feedback are excellent. On the left, you will see an alert slider that can be used for toggling between silent and DND modes. You can customize both the silent and DND modes. But because of the physical slider, you cannot schedule the DND to kick in automatically. It is something you will miss.

Design and display

The screen display size is 5.5 inches. It comes with an AMOLED display. The OnePlus 3T has full HD resolution along with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The pixel density is high. There is no shadiness around text icons. You get very sharp images with vibrant colors. The dark theme with neon green accents is perfect on the panel. The color temperature is cold, similar to the old model. But you can fix this from the screen calibration settings. With the temperature slider, the colors still seems a bit off. But this will not be a major issue.

The OnePlus 3T has a brighter display. More than the color calibration, it is the “touch latency issue.” IIt will bother you while typing. The keys might feel sticky. One problem with the display of OnePLus 3T is it misreads some of the swipe gestures. And this is why you might sometimes pull up the Google Play when you were just looking for the notification bar. But rest assured, OnePLus has already acknowledged this issue, and they are soon going to release the fix on this.

Navigations and fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor lets you get onto your device quickly. And you can use the sensor to lock up the apps too. It doubles the capacitive home button, and there are two more on either side. Those are backlit. You can swap the functions of the backlit home buttons and even enable the on-screen buttons for navigation. The speaker buttons at the bottom of this phone offer a classy look and premium aesthetics. There is a type C port available and a 3.5mm headphone socket on the bottom.

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The gunmetal colored back adds a stealthy look, and this time also the camera bump is still there. But it comes with a sapphire crystal glass, so you won’t have to worry about the scratches. In the box, you will get a 20W power adapter, a type C cable, a SIM ejector and the instruction manual. Since the back and other dimensions are same as its predecessor, you can use the back covers of OnePlus 3 for this model too.


Now this is something we bet you all were waiting. The OnePLus 3T comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor chip. It promises only 10% of the battery for power consumption, processing and user experience. The RAM is 6GB LPDDR $ and the inbuilt storage is 128GB. It is the higher priced variant. The 128GB model comes at the cost of Rs 34999. You can also opt for the 3T with 64GB storage at Rs 29999. The other specs and RAM are same in both the variants of 3T. The smartphone also improved the read and write speeds compared to any other older models. The sequential reads and writes have a 15-20% bump, but the random writes are almost four times faster.

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The features of OnePlus 3T include a Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, a Bluetooth 4.2, a USB OTG, an NFC and a GPS. No FM radio is there. The phone will support 4G on Indian bands along with the VoLTE. The OnePLus 3T runs on OxygenOS. It is based on the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. The OnePLus 3T features are identical to the OnePLus 3. If you swipe from right to left, you can have access to the “Shelf.” It is a customizable screen which allows you stack up your widgets for quick access. If you swipe down or up anywhere, you can have access to the notification shade and Google search.

The capacitive button on OnePlus 3T can pull up a triple duty as you can use the long press and double press actions along with the regular function. The “gestures” menu offers various shortcuts. Regarding the app, there is OnePlus community app, the Amazon Kindle, Google suite and a lot more essential apps like file manager and voice recorder.

OnePlus 3T performance

The app and system performance of OnePlus 3T is extremely fluid. Because even with the smaller variant of 64GB, you will have 4GB RAM at your disposal. The vast amount of onboard storage assures you never run out of storage space. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with can take up heavy usage without any issues. High-end games like Asphalt 8 can run smoothly. Even with an extended use for a long time, the phone does not overheat. It is impressive.

The vibrant colors of the screen and the HD display resolution offers great experience while watching videos. The speaker is fairly loud if there is not too much noise. But it becomes inaudible where you are out on the road. The display has excellent sunlight legibility and wide viewing angles. The OnePLus 3T can handle 4K videos beautifully. The only criticism in performance is the placement of speaker grille could have been better. Because the speaker grille gets covered by your palm while gaming or watching the videos.


The OnePLus 3T has the second biggest camera change compared to OnePLus 3. It features a 16MP sensor from Samsung with a f/2.0 aperture and a fixed focus. The pictures are incredibly detailed with good lighting. The images look good in low light too. The smile capture feature works well and starts the countdown as soon as it detects the smile.

The 16 MP rear camera supports PDAF and f/2.0 aperture. It can capture RAW images. There is optical image stabilization just like the older model. The landscapes and macros come in high details with excellent color reproduction. Some visible artifacts are there from JPEG compression, but you can only notice them if you zoom in. The auto HDR mode works well; you will have an HQ mode. It combines the shots of the same frame for reducing the noise.

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Video camera

The 3T has got low light performance. The video camera shooting modes include slow motion video, time lapse, panorama, and manual. There is also a 1080p 60fps video mode too. It is ideal for capturing sports and action scenarios. The video quality for full-HD and 4K capture is good.


One more notable change is the battery. It has got 3400 mAh battery. In an HD loop test, the phone managed to go for 14 hours and 3 minutes consistently. It is great. For standard usage, you can get a battery backup one full day and a half day. There is a dash charging facility for OnePLus 3T works perfectly. It attains 45% charge in just 35 minutes and finishes up a full charge in an hour.

Final verdict

Considering the specifications and features that OnePLus 3T offers, there are a lot you are getting at a price of Rs 29999. The significant improvements are the battery, high resolution, advanced camera and faster CPU. The performance is also improved than the previous version of OnePLus 3. At present this is just the best smartphone you can get at this price and specs. Though the 128GB variant costs you 5k more and increasing 5000 INR was not necessary. But still, it is also a good buy in Rs 34999. If you are looking for the best Android experience at a reasonable price, then OnePLus 3T is just the one you should pick.

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