OnePlus 5 Launching Today Features That Can Make It Special

Oneplus 5 is launching today (June 20, 2017). The smartphone has been compared to Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 since its announcement. There has been a lot of rumors and experts prediction about OnePlus 5 features and price. The manufacturing company is extensively promoting the flagship smartphone with the contest and invite code. There is one more speculation that why the company didn’t launch OnePlus 4. We have come out with two theories.

Since number four is considered as an unlucky number in China, OnePlus may have avoided the release of OnePlus 4, and it is directly skipping to OnePlus 5. Second, as the company launched two version of its 3rd phone named OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. They may have considered the second version OnePlus 3T as their fourth phone “OnePlus 4” and now they are releasing OnePlus 5.

Anyways the wait for OnePlus fans is over, and it is going to launch today, we tried to do a thorough analysis as per the rumors, leaks and expert predictions and list out some OnePlus 5 features which can make it really unique from its competitors. Here are some of the features we would love to see in the upcoming OnePlus 5. Believe us these features will make the phone worth the wait:

Wireless Charging

OnePlus already introduced the Dash Charge feature which gives a tough competition to the best in the market. Users were pretty happy with the fast charge and even longer usage capability. But many were disappointed when OnePlus 3T didn’t come with wireless charging. We think it is the time that OnePlus introduced this feature. iPhone 8 is expected to come with wireless charging. In future, we hope many of Android smartphones with wireless charging. Samsung Galaxy S8 is already making users fan with its fast wireless charging. Hence as an expected competitor OnePlus 5 should have the same.

It is not farfetched to think that the new flagship will not feature wireless charging. A leaked picture shows that there is a ceramic panel at the back. We are hoping it is to enable wireless charging.

Water Resistance

Nowadays all most all high-end phones have water resistance feature. If today while launch you see a water resistance feature it will not be a surprise, as fans demand this feature since its announcement. In the budget range, having an IP68 would not hurt. With iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 already making a positive impression with their water resistance feature, it will not be a surprise if OnePlus will introduce OnePlus 5 as a water resistance phone. We are just hoping OnePlus will pay heed to all its fans and not disappoint them. Along with wireless charging and water resistance feature, OnePlus 5 will be a perfect smartphone.

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Curved Glass Body

We expect OnePlus 5 to be backed with a beautifully curved body. Samsung Galaxy S8 has raised new levels in the market with its new features. It is dominating the smartphone market with inquisitive features that give it an edge over the others. OnePlus and other brands will be very fast to mimic it.

But now that the industry standards have risen, the Chinese company will up its game too. This is why OnePlus will today not disappoint on its display feature. Since the brand is very keen on selling itself as a flagship, it needs to give users a real appeal on its panels.

Dual, Powerful Camera

OnePlus most likely plans to add a substantial camera to its handset this year and it is all we are hoping for because without a dual lens, powerful camera, the flagship will lose its USP. Rumors suggest that OnePlus will add a dual lens and more to OnePlus 5 camera.

Probably it will come with a 23MP rear camera and 13MP front camera. If this is the power of the dual camera lens, then the processor should have Snapdragon 835. These will ensure a high-quality image capture.

Better Updates for OnePlus 5

We surely expect a lot of improvements. OnePlus needs to up its customer service game. Many users still do not buy the OnePlus phone because there are infrequent service centers. Apart from that, Nougat updates should come on time, although the company did roll out Nougat update for OnePlus 3T on scheduled time.

We are just keeping our fingers crossed for today’s launch. Hoping that OnePlus will not disappoint its fans with its fifth launch today. OnePlus 5 India launch is scheduled on June 22nd, 2017 at 02:00 PM. The craze and demand of OnePlus smartphones can be estimated that at the time of writing the news article it has got a record pre-booking of 59000 and above on the Chinese website JD.COM

The above features are just a prediction based on the leaks, rumors, and suggestions. Some or all of them may come true in today’s announcement.

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