OnePlus Will Soon Start Manufacturing Phones In India

OnePlus announced that they would manufacture phones in India. It will also join a few companies that are not solely based in India but are making devices in India. According to the General Manager of the company, Vikas Agarwal, he shared a lot of details regarding the plans in a recent interview with Reuters. The company is going to start their manufacturing device. It is going to be the most powerful device prepared by OnePlus. And it will launch in India in the first quarter of 2017. To be precise, he said that it would be in January.

India-A global sales area for OnePlus

We probably have lost, I would say, maybe 30 percent of sales because of stock-outs. The focus is on trying our best to meet the demand”. It is what Vikas Agarwal said. So it seems that the company will manufacture phones in India to meet the huge demands. In his way, they can also avoid shipping devices to India from the manufacturing plants located outside India. A part of these devices will be manufactured in India on a monthly basis. 1/3rd of the global sales of the company come from India. So this is a brilliant opportunity considering the amount of benefits that companies get for manufacturing in India. It is a great chance for this company too. As a reminder, India is offering all sorts of benefits for the companies that are looking to manufacture smartphones under the “make in India” initiative of the country.

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The next OnePlus device

The company has not yet revealed the manufacturing partners of India. But it is sure that Foxconn is one of them. Mr. Agarwal did not mention any other device than the OnePlus 3T. This year, it is a major phone released by the company. OnePlus was one of the top five companies in producing the high-end devices. It had 6.1% share in 2015. India is a great opportunity. The company will phase out OnePlus and OnePlus 2. And they are working on the next device. It is getting intense competition from Chinese smartphone makers. But this company is a premium player, and it sells its devices only through Amazon.

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