Oppo Beats Apple And Huawei in China – Ranks Highest

China has shown a reduced faith in Apple and Huawei lately. Previously it was Xiaomi that had gained an advantage in the market now it is Oppo that is taking the Chinese market by storm. Although the brand is little known outside of the Indian subcontinent and Asia in general, it has managed to gain a faithful fan base in China – overthrowing even Apple in that department.

Experts are now suggesting that Oppo is one brand Apple and Huawei should watch out for. Getting beaten on Xiaomi – a much-known brand around the world was different but being overthrown by a new brand like Oppo indicates a shift in choices.

A Guangzhou-based company BBK owns both Oppo and Vivo. In the last year, they have expanded their markets in China, South East Asia and in markets like India. Their USP lies in the price – which is way below iPhone. It features some compact specifications like 2GB RAM, sleek design and AMOLED screen in its price range.

What made Oppo beat Apple to it?

They didn’t reach this far without a strategy. Experts are suggesting that Oppo has used aggressive advertising tactics and offline sales channels to get their products to targeted customers. The strategy is quite similar to what Samsung had adopted earlier during its reach to the users.

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What do you know? It worked! Today Oppo has 78.4 million sales to show for in the year 2016. They have increased sales 122 percent, year on year. Vivo too has a 69.2 million shipment. Huawei is slightly behind Oppo and slightly ahead of Vivo with its shipments annually concluded at 76.6 million. Apple and Xiaomi are nowhere near these top three.

One-third of the Chinese market acquired

Oppo and Vivo alone have garnered about one-third of the Chinese market according to IDC. Samsung and Lenovo didn’t even make it to top 5 on this annual list. Xiaomi’s annual sales were down by 10 percent – the company admitted that they had expectations too high and they were moving too fast.

Apple, on the other hand, received another blow from the Chinese market with its sales dropping by 12 percent on the year on year period. Apple assumes this is because Apple’s users are now waiting for iPhone 7 which will release in the third quarter of 2017.

So has Oppo truly beat Apple? We will keep you updated.

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