Oppo Zoom Lens Will Eradicate Camera Bumps In Smartphones

Oppo has brought a whole new feature for the smartphones. The company announced the Zoom lens technology at MWC 2017. Oppo Mobiles are already famous for offering the best cameras. The Oppo F1 and Oppo F1s are the “selfie experts”. Oppo Zoom lens technology will provide X lossless zoom capability along with more efficient optical image stabilisation.

It will help in preventing the loss of focus. Thus, the photos will not get blurred when you are using longer zoom ranges. The company worked for almost a year to develop this technology. The feature comes in a design of periscope-like dual camera setup. It also filed more than 50 patents for this technology.

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How will Oppo Zoom lens technology work?

The dual camera setup comes with wide angle telephoto lens. It is housed within a periscope style mechanism mounted at 90-degree angle to internal electronics circuitry of the smartphone. In this position, the telephoto lens moves up and down parallel to the internal circuits.

Thus, it does not have the protruding traditional bumpy setup for a camera. It also offers the space for the longer zoom. There is a prism at the top of the mechanism which alters the path of the light entrance a 90 degree. Thus, it directs the photons to the camera sensor.

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Better than Samsung or iPhone?

According to Oppo VP Sky Li, this Oppo Zoom lens technology has offered a new realm of possibility for smartphone cameras. It reflects that Oppo is dedicated to providing what the customers want while taking beautiful and bright pictures.

Oppo was trying for the improvement in cameras for a very long time, and Oppo F1 and Oppo F1s proves it. The Oppo Zoom lens technology can compete with Samsung and iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 when it comes to camera quality. Even the Oppo phones are focusing on offering better quality pictures than Samsung or iPhone.

The only catch is, Oppo didn’t announce a particular device on which they will implement this feature. Thus, it ‘s hard to know how it is going to affect the market. The company is also not offering many details on the specific focal lengths. Still, this is unique and Oppo s looking for a right approach to solve the camera issue for good.

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