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Today Internet of Things (IoT) is a much-hyped term. There are many interpretations for IoT ranging from “Internet of Everything” to “Industrial Internet of Things”. Investors, Customers, and Companies are trying to make sense of it all. That’s where Orvito came.

“As long as we are focused on solving problems and providing value to our customers, interpretations do not matter”, says Mohan Vellanki, Founder Orvito. The company has products ranging from premium contemporary electrical glass touch switches, affordable lighting control systems to create a connected home with Smartphone controls to more utilitarian products such as cloud-enabled surveillance systems and sensors with cloud alerts.

The company was founded in 2012 by Mohan Vellanki & Satish Vankayalapati with the idea of providing an array of products to home and office customers. The products enable the customer to Monitor, Control, Secure and add Luxury features to their properties. Both had worked outside India for their entire life and they had the urge to come back to India and be part of the Make in India story.

In a line, Orvito serves the Security, Safety and Luxury needs of our customers through Electrical products for their home and office. Today customers have options from competitors such as Havells, GoldMedal, Schneider Electric and Legrand. To this Mohan says “Although there are options, none of those products have the concepts of IoT, Cloud and Smartphone control built into their products. If any such integration is required it is quite an IT project and becomes expensive. Such projects for home also require a lot of up-front planning before even excavation can start on the site.”

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Orvito is able to differentiate from their competitors because the team spent the first couple of years to build a product platform, Nucleo™, to handle unreliable internet, power fluctuations and other typical issues seen in India market. All their products work with wireless Wi-Fi, this removes the hassle of civil works to be done at the site due to the addition of new products.

“We are at the forefront of shaking up such legacy markets,” says Satish. “Our web and mobile apps along with open API’s from the Orvito Cloud platform enable users to connect to their home. Our customers can monitor and control various connected devices and sensors in real time,” he adds. The company has also embedded strong logic engine that enables customers to set rules and allow their devices to operate according to their preferences without the need for human intervention.

All product development, design, and assembly are in India. The team has merged the concepts of quality, reliability with Indian innovation, sometimes also referred as the Jugaad. All their products go through quality testing to pass American FCC, European CE certification and carry standard warranties. The product development process is iterative and follows ISO 9001:2008 process. This ensures the products are built and tested for the harsh Indian conditions.

The startup is projected to break even in FY 2017 and plans expansion in markets outside India.

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