OYO Rooms: A New Way to Book Rooms

Now is the time of technology where the factor of age is not a critical one. All a person needs is skill and talent to gain success. A 19-year old Indian boy named Ritesh Agarwal has a worth mentioning startup story. At a very young age, he had all the knowledge about the web. At the age of 17, he was able to create a company of his named Travel. Later this company was shut down. Soon the company had rebranded and was named as OYO Rooms (On Your Own).

Previously, the application was used for rentals and apartments. OYO Rooms is a social marketplace. It can be utilized for booking and accommodation services. Gone are the days when booking in hotels was a very hard thing to do and now OYO has made it very easy. OYO Rooms is a very functional evolution for all those people who have to travel a lot. They do not like the idea of waiting at the reservation desks.

OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms is an application which can help people to book their rooms in the hotels according to their needs and to make this even easier the website gives superior knowledge about the packages from which the customers can have a good discount. By using OYO Rooms app, the customers do not need to wait very long for the reservations. They do not need to wait on the ticket desks for the purpose of check-ins and outs. It is the world’s first application which gives the option to the customers to book their hotel rooms with all the facilities by simply using their smartphones.

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OYO Rooms had first launched as a model and then later the main company was out. Ritesh Agarwal was lucky enough to get selected for the Thiel Fellowship. It is a 2-year program where the fellows get 100 thousand dollars. They are mentored by the very best technicians and entrepreneurs who may include experts like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Peter Thiel who has developed the Thiel Fellowship. Peter had developed this for the young people who are under 20 for their mentoring and so they do not need to go to college to study.

By becoming a part of it, Ritesh Agarwal had also left his college after just attending it for two days and has no intention of going back as he has had tremendously mentored and has gained more interest in this field by the help of the Thiel Fellowship. Ritesh Agarwal is among very few Indians who were able to get their names in the Thiel Fellowship.

Ritesh Agarwal was selected for the Fellowship. After a series of four rounds in which he showed his talent and made his way to the fellowship. OYO Rooms has been growing day by day and has been progressing. It has more than 3500 places on it from his whole country. He had also gone to the US for three weeks to make his company more and more successful.

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