Pakistan IT Industry: The new IT Hub in Asia?

Pakistan may not be portrayed positively in the media due to the security concerns and other issues but let’s forget let’s forget everything for a moment and tell the world that Pakistan and its IT industry is booming and emerging as one of the IT hubs in Asia. Some impressive work is going on with many multinational companies now looking to invest here. Let’s take a look at some achievements and facts that how its turning into new IT hub in the Asia

1. More than 25000 IT firms are registered in Pakistan with more than 20000 computer science and software graduates are entering the market every year.

2. The IT global share of Pakistan is $2.8 billion and out of these $2.8 billion, $1.6 billion accounts the Pakistan’s IT enabled service and software exports.

3. i2c, one of the world’s top and best payment processing solutions provider resides in Pakistan. Convo is based out of Pakistan which is one of the hot favourite medium of social media for work. Featured in CNN report too, Eyedeus Labs is currently working on a ground-breaking video technology in order to disrupt the way people interacts and deals with the ads.

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4. In total, Pakistan has currently more than 25 tech incubators, co-working spaces and accelerators.

5. NetSol and Systems Limited are making Pakistan proud by adding enough share to the economic growth and they have also office worldwide.

6. Start-ups Weekends, Civic Hackathons, Startup Expos and Digital Youth Summits type events and seminars are producing and encouraging the next generation of start-ups and entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

7. On, Pakistan is having 3rd largest poll of freelancers. On Upwork, they are ranked 5th and overall Pakistan is having 4th biggest army of freelancers.

8. According to a recent survey about start-ups, Pakistan is one of the top nations emerging with start-ups.

Pakistan Startups

9. A Karachi based company is making apps for space giant’s mobile platform and they are making these apps for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

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