Panasonic Mega P66 Review: Should You Buy It?

So Panasonic has yet again come with a brand new phone at the mid-range price. Does this phone live up to the potential? Yes, we will answer all of those questions, but first, we have to see if Panasonic Mega P66 has all the essential features or not.

The mid range price is already highly competitive, but with the entrance of 4G, smartphone manufacturers are pushed to deliver a high-performing 4G phone into this. Panasonic Mega P66 is a 3G phone. But does it have all the features to compromise for it? Let us find out.

Panasonic Mega P66: Design and Display

The phone has an excellent build. It looks attractive at first sight and the sleek edges are made to make it look extra edgy. You will find that the phone is pretty large to hold. For a firm hold, you might want to give a grainy back cover on it. After the initial attraction, there is hardly any more positive points left. We are left with the same metal back finish. The phone is available in russet brown, electric blue and rose gold colors.

The 5-inch display feature 720x1080p resolution on screen. The viewing at different angles is quite different. But the gap is slightly less than other phones of this range. So that’s a plus, although the viewing angles are not battered than Xolo Era 2X.

Panasonic Mega P66: Hardware and Performance

It contains a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and probably the main plus feature of this phone is that you get 16GB memory storage – expandable up to 32GB in this phone. This translates to 12GB of internal storage after Android, which is pretty high because most phones in this price range come with 8GB internal memory. To enhance the performance a 2GB RAM support has been added. The phone is visible smoother in performance than Xolo Era 1X. Among other mid-range phones, this phone lags fewer times.

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Panasonic Mega P66: Software and Usability

The phone comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop which is a letdown because we are used to the normal Android 6.0 Marshmallow usage. The skin features icon UI which is common. There is nothing extraordinary in the UI or the software. But you can view high-quality games and play it for quite some time before the heating issues begin. Having a reliable battery backup helps in the overall performance of the phone.

Panasonic Mega P66: Camera and Battery

The phone features a 3200 mAh battery and as per general views and reviews, the battery backup is quite good on this phone. You can work for one full day by doing necessary tasks before the charge starts to come down. The battery of the phone is quite stable and one of the various plus points of this phone.

The front camera, on the one hand, is 5MP while the rear camera features 8MP. The front camera takes good selfies in low light as well as indoors. The back camera is just like any other 5MP camera and does not take better pictures than an average phone of this range.

Panasonic Mega P66: Final Verdict

The display clarity is one of the main plus points, and the battery is another major USP. This is an excellent 3G phone within budget and has some great specifications like 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM. This is a phone that you can grab in the mid-budget range. The price as of now is Rs. 5499 in the online shopping stops. The price does justice to the feature to a real extent.

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