Phone Not Getting Charged? Try These Guaranteed Solutions!

Is your phone battery not charging properly? If so, then don’t assume immediately that the battery or the charger is faulty. Based on the problem and personal experience, a solution might be very simple as compared to what you think. If your tablet or phone isn’t charging properly, given below are top ways to fix it.

Why does Phone not charge when switched on?

This problem might be because of several reasons. Sometimes the charger gets disrupted; sometimes the phone has some issues. But mostly it occurs due to an issue in the plugging points inside the phone. So it is your phone you have to fix, to fix the issue. You can do it in many ways.

Find out what the problem is!

This issue is seen occurring in various degrees. Either your phone isn’t charging when plugged in or would charge quite slowly. This is a very common complaint. Given below are few solutions!

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1) Remove dust, candy or lint

Do you have a habit of keeping your smartphone in the pocket always? Well, lint might be one of the reason. Many a times, the main cause of this unreliable USB charging is lint or dust. So beware of it!


2) Switch the cables

The main part of this charger is its cable and not the adapter which is plugged to the wall socket. Users of Apple are very vulnerable to it. This is because, the lightning cables have an expectancy of around 15 minutes. Although these cables are having a tough life, the curling and flexing might have an effect. One shortcut is to substitute it with a random USB cable.

3) Check the adapter

If the cable isn’t solving the problem, check the adapter. There have been many cases in which USB ports become little loose after they are plugged and unplugged endlessly.


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