Pinterest Acquired Jelly A Flop Social Q&A Startup

For those who are wondering what Jelly is: it is a “human-powered search engine.” So, it is just like Quora. You ask a question and crowdsource replies from your friends and family. On Wednesday, Pinterest acquired Jelly. It points towards additions and changes in Pinterest’s platform. It will propel recommendation technology.

The terms and the amount of the acquisition are still undisclosed. We can guess that Jelly didn’t enjoy as much as Twitter. They never did take off well. As for Team Jelly, they seem pretty excited.

From the mouth of the Founder himself

[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]This is the best decision for the future of human-powered search and discovery. Jelly plus Pinterest is an exceedingly powerful match. A new adventure begins![/quotes] Stone, Co-Founder, and CEO, Jelly Industries Inc, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, after Pinterest acquired Jelly, Stone took to his blog to announce the news.

[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]My advice to entrepreneurs when raising another round, as Jelly was about to do, is to consider acquisition offers. Reasons for accepting vary. One reason is getting your work to millions of people right away. Ben and I deliberated and decided to take my own advice. Interest came from several companies. Among those companies was Pinterest. We talked.[/quotes]

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Why Pinterest Acquired Jelly? You must ask!

Jelly experimented with visual search in the past. You could search with videos and pictures. On Pinterest people are looking for pictures and albums for their likes. There’s the match of interests. Jelly never did take off well. It currently ranks at 1,293 in the Social Networking category on iPhone in the US. As for Google Play, it hasn’t ranked yet.

Stone is an angel investor to Jelly, which gives them further reason sell to Pinterest. It is interesting to see what happens next. Will Jelly melt completely into Pinterest or remain independent? We guess we have to wait and watch.

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