PoochO Carpool App: Have A Look At The Details !

Gopal Rai, the Transport Minister of Delhi launched ‘PoochO Carpool’ , a new app for giving more options of carpooling to people during the 2nd scheme of odd-even traffic scheme that would be implemented from the 15th of April to the 30th of April in Delhi.

Rai launched the app and stated that it would help users in finding carpooling options within a 1-5km radius. The application would help users too much during this odd-even scheme. Even fathers who go to pick up children during noon would get helped with this kind of application.

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Rai stated that this application would be having a chat feature for helping users in communicating with car driver without mentioning the numbers. This would ensure complete safety.

This application ‘PoochO Carpool’ is developed by DIMTS, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System. This can be downloaded by Android users on the Google Play Store.

Under this scheme, vehicles driven by diesel and petrol with even and odd registration numbers would ply on alternate dates. This scheme isn’t applicable to CNG, 2-wheelers or cars carrying school children.

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