Facebook Cuts Off Live Video Access Of Prisma

Well, a lot of people know about the Prisma app. It is one of the best released applications till date. We all love to use photo editors when it comes to clicking selfies and uploading on Facebook. Prisma is one of the best photo editor applications. The photo editor got the support of iOS app for live streaming its effects in real time. And the developers of this app planned to do it through Facebook live. But almost immediately Facebook cut off the access. What was the reason? This article is going to offer you the details.

What Facebook has to say?

The first thing is, it is Facebook’s API. And it is their wish. They can decide who can have access to the Facebook live. But they gave an explanation. According to Facebook, “Your app streams video from a mobile device camera, which can already be done through the Facebook app. The Live Video API is meant to let people publish live video content from other sources such as professional cameras, multi-camera setups, games or screencasts.” But Facebook Live site for developers did not say that streaming from smartphone cameras is not allowed. And according to the website, the API is to apply special effects in the video. Now this described the photo editing and style transfer feature of Prisma.

It is not the real issue

But this is still not the primary issue. Facebook is planning to roll out its style transfer filter feature. And this is identical to the Prisma. Facebook already previewed the style transfer feature in October. And this was just the day before Prisma showed its style transfer feature preview. And this is why Facebook does not want Prisma to offer the style transfer facility to people. The clash of clans is on guys!

The Prisma photo editor app

This photo editor app came up in June this year. It offered a series of art filters which you can apply to the pictures. The app went viral, in particular for the Instagram users. They shared the artsy looking selfies with Prisma. By October, the app attained more than 70 million downloads. The Prisma team also added support for video. As stated by Prisma developers “We were trying to fix the issue, but Facebook has an active policy, they only let broadcast to different cameras, drones. Our app is no drone or camera. So this means we cannot do it.” They say that this is why Facebook cut off access of Prisma for the live API this month. But Aram Airapetyan of Prisma says that they have big plans in future. As Airapetyan says, it will offer a new opportunity for the users to stream websites.

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Plans of Prisma

The future of Prisma’s live stream is still up at this point. The team and developers are working on the social media focused release. The priority right now is the social feature. And it will come soon. But after launching that feature, Prisma will offer users an option for the live stream. Facebook has not made any comments when asked about reasons for shutting off access. Facebook is implying that the technical entry point of Prisma is not according to the policy. The API is for broadcasting setups which are not phone based. But none of this is explaining Facebook’s documentation for developers.

Facebook Live API

The Facebook live API allows you in sending any live content to Facebook from any camera. Facebook said, “Facebook Live API is best for complex video setups, and you can use it to put special effects. The special effects include:

  • On-screen graphics
  • Instant replays
  • Comment moderation
  • Live poll results
  • Real-time viewer engagement

So why is Prisma not allowed in Facebook Live API? There is no clear justification from Facebook. It is evident that they are trying to eradicate the competition. They will soon launch their own style transfer feature.

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