Project Torino: Microsoft’s Gift To Visually Impaired Children

Microsoft intends to empower the differently-abled persons with its latest technology. The company’s research wing has come up with Project Torino for the same. It is a unique physical programming language that can teach the visually-impaired to code.

What is Project Torino?

It is geared towards kids between ages 7 and 11. Project Torino has a few coding tools. Using them, these kids can learn to make songs, poetry, and sounds. While making these things, students will learn the basics of programming. This will help them to pursue computer science related professions in future.

Earlier the project was in a testing phase for a year. There was a very small number of people who were using it then. Now the project has opened up to its Beta phase. So more visually impaired children have joined.

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Microsoft said –

[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]The team originally made the pods all white, until the kids with limited vision told them that more colors would help them. And although in electronics there’s often a push to make things as small as possible, with this project they found the kids were more engaged when the pods were larger, in part because two kids working together would often both physically hold the pod and touch hands as part of that teamwork.[/quotes]
The company also said that it was created with the close collaboration of a dozen young students in the UK. It is their feedback that has enabled them to come to this stage today. Microsoft will also go for its Beta trial this autumn. If you want to sign up, use this link.

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Cecily Morrison, one of the researchers who was working on this project, said –
[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]It is very specifically about building up concepts that will enable them to become computer scientists, programmers, software engineers, computational thinkers. It gives them that computational base to whatever direction they go, and a shared vocabulary about what computing is.[/quotes]
To learn more, visit Microsoft’s blog here

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