Python 8 Coming Soon – April Fool Prank Or Reality

On March 31, 2016, We received a mail from python mailing list. Python Community announces Python 8.

It is to be assumed to be April Fool Prank. The mailer says that Python 8 is designed with keeping one thing in mind that users should break all of their legacy code! That is insane!

It says you have to rename all the modules. One needs to add _noga at last of every python file in whole legacy code!

But Python 8 is still in development stage, They are asking for more ideas to make Python 8 incompatible with previous versions. 😛

You can read the E-mail below:

Python Emailer

Image Source

After Google, YouTube, Hike now it was time for an Open Source project to fool its users.

Python Update

Hackers have been trying to use the above-given code to stir thing up a little bit. Not much of a hacking code, but a prank within a prank. According to this bright idea, if you have been onto it, you will be able to use someone’s mouse, keyboard and even take screenshots. The “victim” will not have to use Python to do this.

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After you tweak the codes, the victim gets on their computer and sees that their keyboard and mouse have started tweaking automatically. If this seems too farfetched for you – yes, you have fallen into another trap! This is a prank too.

Let’s just keep a count on the number of pranks oncoming. There are multiple websites that are coming up with their own idea of tweaking the Python 8 code to create something new. If you are a coder you must be having a lot of fun. If not, you are terrified and that understandably so!

Technology is improving every day and who knows what might strike you the next day. With ransomware on the loose, these are not jokes anymore.

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