Qualcomm’s 5G chipset unveiled

4G/5G summit

This summit was hosted by mobile chipset manufacturer Qualcomm and was held during October 17 to October 19 in Hong Kong. The main agenda of the summit was to discuss all the latest technological trends by bringing together all the global manufacturing companies. Senior officials from Qualcomm were present at the summit.

Qualcomm announces X50 chipset

4G is slowly gaining traction and grabbing more market share every day. But Qualcomm has already targeted the future of the mobile technologies. Qualcomm technologies a subsidiary of Qualcomm inc and a San Diego-based company announced its new chipset. Most of the mobiles today contain Qualcomm chipset. It can be said that Qualcomm is one of the market leaders in the SOC’s. But this is not it, Qualcomm has unveiled its 5G chipset/modem capable of multi-gigabit download speeds.

This 5G modem which was named X50, was announced during the 4G/5G summit on October 19. This chipset will be the first one to be announced in the 5G segment. X50 can reach speeds up to 5 GBPS and is around 400 times faster than the present speeds. A recent survey states the present average 4G speeds of 13.4 MBPS. With this speeds the consumers can have access to faster cloud-based services and can download the files with ease.

Sherif Hanna manager of marketing, technical at the Qualcomm said that the speeds at which X50 operates can completely transform the mobile device. X50 is expected to reach the hands of the manufacturers by 2017 thereby allowing them to design their own handsets based on X50. It is also expected that by the end of 2018 the handsets will reach the hands of the end users and if all goes hand in hand then during the same year 5G services will also be launched.

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Launch of 5G network

Even though it seems simple and preplanned it is not the case. X50 chipset will use millimeter waves to transfer the data. Because the X50 will run at 28 GHz bandwidth, telecom companies will have to add a lot of infrastructure to their present one. Millimeter waves cannot penetrate through the walls and cannot transmit waves beyond a room. So telecom companies will have to set up more network stations. Of course, depending on the country these companies will have to buy the spectrum to operate on the 5G bandwidth.

South Korean company KT Corporation, which is South Korea’s largest telephone company is expected to launch its 5G services before the start of winter Olympics in 2018. If the company rolls out 5G services as expected then this company may become the first 5G provider.

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