Razer Introductions Project Valerie Triple Display Laptop For Gamers

Now this is a real shocking gadget for you! A laptop with three screens! Yes, you heard that right. Razer has created the best gaming laptop till date at the CES 2017. And this one is a heaven for gamers. The device is still in prototype stage, and the name of this project is called Project Valerie.

From different angles, this device looks a bit identical to the Razer Blade Pro. Now, let us offer you some more details factors and specifications of this laptop. Have a look!

Three display setup gaming laptop

The Project Valerie device has got a stack of screens that slides into a three display setup that has got its power. It might not be the most practical thing that you see, but the gadget is probably one of the most advanced gaming laptops of 2017. With multiple displays, you will have the option of multitasking with ease. You can play games with super wide field view. From now on, you won’t have to rely on the external peripherals.

The project Valerie changes that at a price of some additional weight and thickness. But the folding of screens facility will not hamper with the portability issue. This threefold screen laptop weighs 12 pounds and it is 1.5 inches thick. The laptop is VR ready, and they have better specs than Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

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Graphics, specs and disadvantage

The Project Valerie is still in design stage, and this is why we don’t know the exact specs of the device. It is sure that this one has the same graphics as the Razer Blade Pro. We have little additional info on this device. The project Valerie comes with a backlit keyboard and also has lighting strips under two monitors. It offers an ambient glow on the surface that is below them. There are a few negative consequences too. With the extra screens, the battery life will be hampered to some extent.

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It has the same battery backup as the Razer Blade Pro. The battery lasts for four hours in case of Project Valerie. According to some theoretical speculations, you can save power if you keep the additional screens folded off. It is a major disadvantage if the battery is not increased for the Project Valerie.


About the costs, we are also not sure how much it will charge. We can provide you with exact price after it comes to market as a final product. The Blade Razer Pro came at the cost of $3499. And if the similar price tag is used for this gaming laptop too, then it will not be suitable for an average gamer. Well, you must know that Razer is not the only company to have the idea of multiple screens for a gaming laptop. Mashable proposed the idea of a dual screen gaming laptop in 2009. Similar design ideas are planned since then.

Hopefully, Mashable will start shipping the dual screen gaming laptop this month. But Mashable still has not offered any exact details about what specs their gaming laptop will have.

Razer Project Valerie

Razer Project Valerie

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