Reddit Profile Pages Can Completely Transform The Website

Reddit introduces a new feature. The new feature will change the website. It is like a personal page tied to a username along with a feed of posts and also an avatar. It is called Reddit Profile Pages. The feature is still in testing phase, and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian is using this feature till now. The feature will over the time become available to all the users on the platform.

Reddit’s new feature is different from the core features of Twitter and Facebook. The owner of profile page has got more moderation tools for discussing their posts. It includes banning and muting capabilities. You can cross post other subreddits quickly. But it will subject any post in the moderator rules of the community.

What is the purpose of this Reddit profile pages?

The goal is to encourage the users in thinking that this is more than a place to discuss. It will encourage people to think that Reddit is a place for their creations. They can engage with their fans and create a dedicated following. Why was it missing from Reddit for so long then? One reason as Alexis explains is users were bound by the strict rules of subreddits. Thus, they shifted to post elsewhere like Facebook, Tumbler or Instagram.

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According to Alexis, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]There are so many conversations [on Reddit] that didn’t happen yet because they didn’t have the right home. It’s always been a daunting thing for people who have something to share.” Before profile pages, everything on Reddit had to be posted to a particular community, like r/politics or r/funny, with a specific set of rules enforced by moderators. “It was hard to be proactive in creating content for Reddit.[/quotes]

It will make easier to host discussions

Reddit hosts vast communities of artists, video makers, and writers. Each of them can create dedicated subreddit for themselves. But that is a challenging process for creating one subreddit for one submitter. Reddit profile pages will make it easier to host same discussions like the “Ask Me Anything” format. And you won’t have to work through subreddit’s processes and scheduling.

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The Profile pages on Reddit removed one of the most popular values, the community regulation. A lot of subreddits disallow promotional posts. The site was not friendly at all for the big brands, shameless self-promoters, and marketers. The Reddit Profile Pages will remove the stigma of self-promotion.

They also included Riot Games in the initial beta test. Thus, it is true that Reddit wants brands to have dedicated homes and not beholden to the community or rules. There are many comments and posts on this topic. Some are also of the opinion Reddit Profile Pages might turn into a bad combination of Facebook and Twitter. Reddit also allowed Profile Page posts on the site’s r/all and r/popular tabs. These are ever changing lists which inform the user of what is blowing up the site at any moment.

Well, Reddit is a community which is resistant to change. We are eager to check out how the community responds to this change. The most important thing is how the community finds this change, not how the users feel about it. The thoughts of Reddit community will move Reddit forward.

At present, there are a lot of negative comments on this Reddit Profile Pages feature. But, Reddit is pretty confident that a steady and thoughtful approach will allow the site to maintain the community spirit and open up new avenues for business and users.

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