Reliance Jio Will Soon Allot Mobile Numbers Starting With 6

In the Indian telecom industry, the mobile numbers start with 9, 8 and 7. Reliance Jio undoubtedly revolutionized the mobile network industry. It changed the game of each and every single mobile network operator. Now, Reliance Jio comes with another shocking news.

The company will start distributing SIM cards with mobile numbers starting with 6. Reliance Jio receives permission to assign the new users with mobile numbers that start with 6. DOT (department of telecom) permitted Jio and Jio can issue 6 series mobile switching codes for phone numbers. At present, Reliance Jio is the only company that got this permission.

New Reliance Jio mobile numbers in few states

According to the reports, the company has issued the 6 series MSC codes in states like Rajasthan, Tami Nadu, and Assam. In Rajasthan the code is 6001060019, In Assam, the code is 6002060029, and in Tamil Nadu, the code is 6003060039. Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh got a 7 series MSC code, and for Kolkata and Maharashtra, the code is 8 series.

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By December 31st of 2016, Reliance Jio reached with more than 72 million customers. The company recently extended the free call and internet services to March 31st 2017. There are speculations that the offer will once again continue until the end of June. The company made a record of attaining 50 million subscribers in just 83 days.

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Jio SIM demands are still on

Some are of the opinion that the speed of Jio internet services are not up to mark which they should get from a 4G service. Yes, you cannot deny, the speed of internet fluctuates and the call drop issue is not resolved in all areas. Still, it has got millions of users’ cause of its availability of network and free services.

Now, the company can offer new mobile numbers starting with 6 in the above-mentioned states. It is done to cope with the increasing demands of the Reliance Jio SIM cards. The exact statement of DOT was, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]In consideration of the request of service providers, the undersigned is directed to convey approval of competent authority Sr. DDG (AS) for allotment of MSC Codes[/quotes]

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