RIP Wii U – Nintendo Finally Admits It’s Time To Give Up

As Nintendo buries Wii U another games console sheds a quiet tear. Indeed Nintendo’s Wii U has officially been ceased from production after being unable to bring forth the desired returns. It’s the company’s worst selling games console till date.

The follow up to the company’s widely successful Wii could not live up to its predecessor as it sold only 15m units since 2012. Wii on the other hand had sold over 100m in just over a year. Even PlayStation 4, the company’s lesser known games had sold more than Wii U in a year.

A new note published on Nintendo’s official Japanese website has confirmed the discontinuity of Wii U. Plus, there’s some bad news for those who were awaiting the final game for Wii U – “Project Giant Robot”. Yes, that too has been cancelled.

Nintendo gave an official statement to Polygon, saying, “We made this decision after considering our overall product and development strategy.”

Why did it perform so badly?

Nintendo is hardly the company to get it wrong. They have proven themselves time and time again in the past. So then what went wrong? Some would argue that it is the expectations of the users. Before the launch rumors spread that AMD 7 series graphic chipset was used in making Wii U. Hence it will be even more powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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But the reality was far from it. In fact, the developers even went on to say that the rumors were not true. The truth is that Wii was never competing with PlayStation 3 or Xbox any ways. It had its own user base. It was always for the smartphone, phablet and tablet users.

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Another reason was that people felt that Wii U was far more difficult to set up than its predecessors. Once the word went out, it was difficult to get more sales. So with 13.56 million units sold in 4 years, it quietly left the space for Nintendo’s left big release – the Switch which will release on 3rd March, 2017.

Adios Wii U!

Despite its low sale, Wii U did have a few good moments to its credit. Pikmin 3 was one of the games loved by the community. Veteran Developer Rhodri Broadbent even went on to say, “We enjoy letting the quirks of specific hardware inspire new ideas and features here, so from a design point of view, Wii U was a lot of fun.”

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