Is This Russian Robot The Next Terminator?

We bet everyone knows about the terminator. Who doesn’t? It is one of the world’s most popular franchises all over the world. Now that being said, Russia is creating a robot which is not only capable of rescuing distressed people, but the Russian Robot can fire guns. Well, this is why the question arises, “Is this the new Terminator?” Let’s start with the details.

The FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) will travel in space in 2021. The name of this robot is FEDOR. It was filmed at shooting guns at the target board. According to Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, this is the Russian Fighting Robots.

The creators of FEDOR have a different opinion than Russian Deputy Prime Minister. They say these robots are for the rescuing purposes and with the training of shooting; it will improve the motor skills and decision-making skills of the robots.

This AI controlled Russian Robot is not a Terminator

Engineers say they can use it for military purposes. They have also clarified that they are not AT ALL creating a terminator. It is controlled by AI which is focused on different actions in different fields. FEDOR might be the only passenger on board when Russia Federation Spacecraft makes its journey from Earth.

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The operating system is Android. The Android Technologies and the Advanced Research Fund is working on it. The engineers are assuring it is nothing like a terminator. But there are still fears that this might become a killer robot if it is hackable.

The FEDOR is 6 feet tall. It weighs 106-160 Kgs depending on the additional equipment it needs to carry for the rescuing purposes. It has the capability to lift up a 20kgs cargo. In a video clip, we also see the robot is capable of opening doors of vehicles, drive it and do a lot more. They are focusing on teaching the robot a wide variety of basic and advanced skills.

FEDOR is the only Russian Robot that Vladimir Putin thinks has the capability to land on the moon. It has the capability of working in extreme weather conditions, on the moon without any space suit. It has got a camera to see and record all objects. The robots can also do pushups. The Russian Robot can assist in construction works, use a lot of tools and operate in regular buildings. The use of robots in space will reduce the costs too.

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