Sachin Tendulkar will launch Srt Phone by Smartron

The master blaster is all set to launch a brand new smartphone. Yes, Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket will launch the new srt phone with Smartron on March 3. Smartron is a tech startup which deals with Internet of Things (IoT). The tagline of Smartron is “mastery at its core.”

Well, this slogan clearly states the connection of the company with the god of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador of the company. Thus, the company decided to name the smartphone on Sachin’s initials, SRT phone. The Smartron already launched the t-phones in India.

In July last year, Tendulkar became the first person to buy the T-phone. He also said this is the first world class phone manufactured in India. You could get the T-phones at a price in Rs 22,999. Sachin also invested a pretty major amount for the preparation of srt phone. The motive of this investment is, he said the brands that “design and engineer” devices in India, needs to be supported. He started the initiative to help the Indian brands on a global scale.

The probable specifications of srt phone

The interesting thing is, Flipkart already revealed the Smartron srt phone specifications. The specifications of this smartphone include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor with Adreno 510 GPU with 4GB RAM. The Smartron srt phone will have 64 GB as internal memory.

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Flipkart has come up with some exciting launch offers. The Smartron Company also promised to provide monthly security updates. There is a major factor here. Last year T-Phone came in a price range of Rs 22999. Such high price became the primary reason for their failure. Thus, we expect the price to be around Rs 10000 this time.

The Smartron Company is headed by Mahesh Lingareddy. He is the CEO and co-founder of Soft Machines Inc. It has got operations in both India and Russia. Amit Boni is the on the product sales and brand development. The company also brought the CEO of and former Chairman of Motorola Sanjay Jha in their board of directors. Before the T-phones, the Smartron Company developed the t-book laptop/tablet hybrid.

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