Samsung Cinema Screen Will Give Tough Competition To Theater Screens

Samsung will launch its new Cinema Screen technology – “the world’s first High Dynamic Range LED theater display.” The Cinema Screen will, therefore, bring forth high-quality pictures and enhance its accuracy and vibrancy. Overall we can expect some excellent display when it launches on 30th March at the CinemaCon 2017 conference in the presence of 80 countries.

The massive 34-foot screen will display LED pictures at 4096 x 2160 resolutions. The large screen accommodates the new theater dimensions, and it also complies with the DCI expectations, as per Samsung. But they also mentioned that they are in the process of getting certification from DCI right now. The Press Release also boasts of the Cinema Screen being ten times brighter than the theater screens.

This announcement is making us think why we did not question the existence of projectors when we already had LED. But what we know as of now is that Samsung’s display is much smaller than the typical screens. A regular movie screen has a size of 45 and 65 feet. Yes, IMAX does have a larger screen than that (72 feet).

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Cinema Screen is just the beginning

Samsung also mentioned that it is going to launch “Sight & Sound.” It recently acquired Harman’s Professional Solutions’ Cinema Group. Together powered with Samsung’s audio lab, they are going to create the perfect theater solutions.

We did not have these incredibly thin resolutions until now. Whether the theater chains adopt this or not, it is still impressive. The only problem is that it might be a little hard to install or repair at present. But we guess that is more of a today problem. As we move towards screen-based theaters and lose projectors (we guess that day will come soon), these installation and repair issues will be taken care of.

It was just four years ago when the digital projectors came into the market, and now Samsung has launched 4K Cinema Screen already. Who knows what new technology will come in the movie theater market? Maybe we will just end up wearing VR headsets anyway.

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